Step Ts

AO: AlphaRuck

When: 02/11/2020

QIC: SnakeOil

PAX (5): Manhole, CIA, Cardiac, Doppelganger


No one melted.


2 sets (15ea, 10ea) SSH, Imperial Walker, Sumo Squats, Mtn Climbers, Toy Soldier

Cherokee out side lot and around to Seles’; wall to hold up it for 6.

Mosey to DHS rear steps.



The Thang:

Set of 11s OYO across DHS’ rear steps in T-shape:   Burpees at top step + 5 each merkins at both crosswalks + plank jacks at top of far steps + squats at bottom of far steps + 5 each merkins at both crosswalks on way back x REPEAT.     (We completed 11s-3s)

Mary (15 each IC):  Butterfly leg lifts/flap jack.  Side plank leg taps.  30,60,90 raises.  Soggy Cockroaches.

Garden wall:  20 IC Dips

Mosey back to parking lot.


Only announcement was to bring a snorkel and umbrella today… it’s wet out there boys, but most of you knew that and slept in.

Manhole took us out gracefully with thanks for a warmer temperature and cooling rain to get us through the morning.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Oh yea, Manhole told me I couldn’t complain about his super21s anymore.  🙂

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