Crazy 8’s

AO: The Shadow

When: 02/08/2020


PAX (8): Seles, Radar, Scout, Fireballs, Manhole, Suds, CIA


This workout was inspired by a Fireballs beatdown administered at the new Austin school in December.


With a packed agenda, your Q wasted no time getting the Pax moving toward the beatdown area.

32 x walking toy soldiers

32 x high knees

32 x butt kickers

mosey to new Austin entrance

The Thang:

Station 1 – new Austin entrance:

8 x 8 ct body builders oyo

quick mosey to Station 2 – New Austin exit:

16 x ABC in cadence

Mosey down hill to Station 3 –  the cut thru

24 x walking lunges – oyo

Quick mosey to other side of the cut thru to Station 4:

16 (32) x merkin in cadence

mosey down hill to DNC for Station 5:

20 (40) x squat – in cadence

mosey across bottom to the manhole side of the trail to Station 6:

24 (48)  x scissor

40 yd sprint uphill to Station 7 at the cut thru:

28 x bear crawl & 28 x crab walk (56)

Quick mosey across cut thru to Station 8:

32 (64) x SSH

40 yd sprint uphill to Station 1

(for those keeping track – the workout locations traced upon a map would yield the shape of an 8 in keeping with the theme of the day)

Repeat 2 more times

8 x 8ct Body Builders at top of hill

mosey back to old Austin

16 x ABC’s

Mosey to wall

64 seconds of wall sits

Mosey to the platform

8 x 8ct body builders to finish the day


Prayers for Scout’s 95 year old great uncle.

Scout is putting a team together for the Tartan Trot on 2/22/20 – 10k distance only. Scout says if we are going to do something we should do it all the way, meaning he is not doing the 5k.

Fireballs took us out in fine style.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Good work today by the Pax today. The early workout meant that we avoided the snowy conditions that followed later in the day. I think I have heard it said that “The early bird gets the dry conditions on Saturday.” I don’t the same can be said for Thursday’s, especially last Thursday.

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