Fireballs is afraid of Lightning

4 Studs posted this AM in the weak “thunderstorm” passing through Shadow. The PAX: CIA, Cardiac, GreenBean and Manhole! YHC ran into Fireballs in the stairwell coming into my office this AM and he commented that “it was lightining outside” so he fartsacked. I have to admit, I may have also, if I weren’t the Q today!

Warm-up: SSH IC x 15, MC’s IC x 15, IWs IC x 15, Low Slow Squats IC x 15 Rinse and Repeat- finding some shelter by the basketball gym entrance.

The Thang: line up on parking lot median for Merkin Century- with a twist-

Run past light pole to other median- Derkins on that side, then bear crawl every return trip to start. Incline Merkins on near side. Solid work by CIA.

Follow me down to memorial garden for dips- however it was a pond- so audible back up to picnic tables. 3 sets: IC 15, 15, 10 with step ups in between.

Follow me around school to Seles stop for Mary: High Dolly IC x 20, Freddie Mercuries IC x 30, Low Dolly IC x 20, ABC’s IC x 20. 1 lap up steps to upper lot and back around for: High leg Raise IC x 30 (some mumblechatter here), ABC IC x 20, Low Leg Raise IC x 20, Mason Twist IC x 10.

Run 2 laps around upper lot then up to main school entrance for: pull ups IC overhand: x 4, underhand x 4.

Back towards starting lot for wall sits (~30 sec), and BTTW ~ 30 sec. Nice job Cardiac.

over to starting lot for backwards run, karaoke each way. Then circle up for Burpees OYO x 10.


Cardiac took us out: prayers for all brothers here and not with us. Safe travels today.


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