Never Without a Q

AO: The Grindstone

When: 02/05/2020

QIC: Committee

PAX (5): Sculley, Cookie, False Start, Snake, Milli Vanilli


5 PAX reluctantly stepped out of their cars during the pouring rain…. but they did, and stronger they would get.  And the rain halted about the time 5:30a rolled around.  But shortly before, it was mentioned that our Q had to backout for personal reasons, so the 5 PAX quickly rose to the occasion like they always do.


Cookie led a quick trip to the wall for a routine of legs up, donkey kicks & Balls to the Wall.  Then a quick mosey for some SSH, Weedpickers and Toy Soldiers.

The Thang:

Doras…led by Cookie

In teams….alternating exercises and running to the top of the hill, we worked in the following:

  • 100 Pull-Ups
  • 150 Carolina Drydocks
  • 200 Squats

40s 40s and more 40s…led by Milli Vanilli

We made use of the entire football field, starting at the goal line right hash we kicked off the Thang with a 40 yard dash.  A quick snowman shuffle to the other 40 yard marker, we moved in 10 yard increments with the following:

  • Merkins (40)
  • Flutter Kicks (40)
  • Merkins (40)
  • Side-to-Side Hops (40)

Endzone…55 Ballerinas (squats standing on your toes).

Shift to the other end of the endzone and it’s another 40 yard sprint.  Shuffle our way again to the opposite 40 yard line and throw in the following:

  • LBCs (40)
  • Dolly (40)
  • Box Cutters (40)
  • J Lo’s (40 – Alpha Count)

Endzone…55 Twinkle Toes Al Gore hug a tree calf raises).

Colt 100’s…led by False Start 

  • Curls (20)
  • Rows (20)
  • Overhead Press (20)
  • Skull Crushers (20)
  • Curls (20)

Rinse & Repeat

1 minute of Mary…Led by Snake

20 Freddy Mercury’s


Praise for Scully and crew on their mission trip in Peru and the impact they made.   Prayers of thanks for the opportunity to get up each day with the men of F3 and take advantage of our opportunities.

Milli Vanilli has the flag…still.

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