Secret Passage

AO: The Shadow

When: 02/04/2020


PAX (11): Cardiac, Doppelganger, Fireballs, Madoff, Suds, Chain Gang, B-Bo, Radar, Scout, Snake Oil


It was a warmer day than usual for the season.  Half the PAX showed up after warmup began at 5:30:00 AM.  ☹️


SSH 15x ic

Merkin 15x ic

Windmill 15x ic

Mountain climber 15x ic

Imperial Walker 15x ic

Rinse and repeat

The Thang:

Cherokee Run the long way around DHS and up Vermack to Corners Drive.  Halt at the Corners Drive corner. SSH for the six.

Follow the Q through the secret passage.

10 Burpees oyo in the cul de sac.

Line up at the bottom of the Stratham Drive hill for inch worm, broad jump, lunge walk, bear crawl. Chain Gang beat the Q on bear crawl.  (this time)

Cherokee Run down Trumbull Drive to the Q’s Mary spot.

Turkish get ups 15x oyo

Obliques 15x2x ic

Dying cockroach 15x ic

Low flutter 15x ic

ABC 15x ic

Walk to the playground for 10 pullups or max, calling out your max

10 more pullups

Mosey to the secret field for wheelbarrow races. Congratulations to the team of Fireballs and Doppelganger who narrowly snagged first place.

Mosey to the track for a quick 50%, 75%, 100%.

Mosey around the high school to the rock pit.

5 sets of box jumps up stairs

5 sets of rock jumps up stairs.

5 inclined merkins

Sprint back to COT.



Suds prayed for all of us.

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