Chiefs vs 49ers

AO: The Wreck

When: 01/31/2020

QIC: Sellout

PAX (18): Switch, Yankee, Tubbs, Deadbeat, Double D, Backside, Greasemonkey, Norm, Brutus, Rooney, Rusty, OJ, Juule, Bear, Aflac, Zima, Goat, Sellout


A great way to pre-game for Super Bowl weekend!


Slow suspenseful prelude Emerson Lake & Palmer’s version of Fanfare for the Common Man.  Let’s Get It On! mosey up to parking lot! First count off every other PAX as Chief or 49er.  Then Side straddle hop, Toy Soldier, Spiderman, Arm rotations forward and back. All for a 15 count.

The Thang:

Mosey back down to start of park trail and flop at every other lamp post and perform 3 burpees. Continue this up the hill, around the pond and down to big parking lot. All grab a coupon and team up as Chiefs or 49ers. Begin relay race where one Pax dribbles tennis ball with racquet down to far end of parking lot and exchanges the racquet and ball for a cement block. Carry over head back up to next waiting team member.  The rest of the team is performing donkey kicks, Flutter kicks, curls with coupon, skull crushers and power squats. Switch exercise as each team member finishes their dribble carry lap. Repeat.

Super Bowl Trivia!! Return coupons, Gather at hard shelter and all begin dips. Team that answers trivia question correctly gets to take a hot lap. Losers continue dips.  We got through about six questions. Mosey to the playground and all PAX perform diamonds while a pair performs pullups in unison. Rotate through entire group. Mosey back to the flag. Three minutes of Merry!!


The most quiet COT in a while. No announcements and no special prayers. Give thanks for that…

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