40 40 and more 40 plus 55’s

AO: The Grindstone

When: 01/29/2020

QIC: Milli Vanilli

PAX (6): Hush Puppy, Snake, Spit Valve, McDuff, False Start, Milli Vanilli


This was YHC’s second opportunity to lead the men of the Grindstone and it’s always a privilege.

We paid an early tribute to Cookie turning 40 in a few short weeks notwithstanding the fact that he fartsacked on us.  Our Clown Car of two arrived nonetheless.  And because it’s Superbowl week, we gave recognition to the fact that my beloved Cleveland Browns haven’t won the Superbowl since never.  Last “Championship” dates back to 1964 so we celebrated their never winning anything in the modern era of the NFL rounding down to 55 endzone reps.


Capri lap around the park then circle up for a little SSH, Copperhead Squat, Windmill, and Finkle Swings action.  Need to work on the 1-2-3 rhythm on those Finkles…laces out…and then head over to the football field via the linebacker shuffle through the parking lot.

The Thang:

We made use of the entire football field, starting at the goal line right hash we kicked off the Thang with a 40 yard dash.  A quick snowman shuffle to the other 40 yard marker, we moved in 10 yard increments with the following:

  • Merkins (40)
  • Dolly (40)
  • Mountain Climbers (40 – Alpha Count)
  • Zig Zag Hops (40…really just a side to side hop over the 10 yard line)

Congrats, we made it to the end zone.  Let’s pay respect to Jim Brown and those 1964 Cleveland Browns with 55 Ballerinas (squats standing on your toes).

Shift to the other end of the endzone and it’s another 40 yard sprint.  Shuffle our way again to the opposite 40 yard line and throw in the following:

  • LBCs (40)
  • Monkey Humpers (40…odd doing these in silence without DeVito doing his Rubicon thang).
  • Imperial Walkers (40 – Alpha Count)
  • J Lo’s (40 – Alpha Count)

Fahoo fores dahoo dores, we made it to yet another end zone so lets throw in 55 Twinkle Toes (Al Gore hug a tree calf raises).


With a just a couple minutes remaining, we made out way to the rock pile and each PAX picked out a coupon of their choice.

  • V-Ups (40)
  • Curls (40)

And like that, 45 minutes has come and gone.


Praise and Prayers for Scully and crew on their mission trip in Peru.  Announcement from Hush Puppy for a football event at his church.  Prayer thanks for the opportunity to get up each day with the men of F3 and take advantage of the opportunities we are afforded and do some good in the world today, whatever it may be.

Milli Vanilli has the flag.

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