Wills Park Tour

AO: The Rubicon

When: 01/28/2020

QIC: El Matador

PAX (18): Cookie, Pellets, Pit Stop, Devito, Miller Time, Zima, Mayhem, Lil Hurt, Milli Vanilli, Fanny Pack, Pinky, Special K, Waffles, Krueger, Trebeck, Lumbergh, False Start,


This was YHC’s first chance to lead at The Rubicon, and it was a privilege!   There is always good banter in the Pre-run, and it’s a great way to kick off the morning.


Weed Pickers, Hill Billy’s, Squats, & SSH’s

The Thang:

After a short, brisk mosey and some warmup time, the PAX moseyed up to a field.  Shoutout to MT for the heads up on our pace.  Apparently that field was known for dog poo, so it’s a great spot for bear crawl 1-2-3.  Partner up for Merkins, LBC’s, and squats with bear crawl/crawl bear in between.

YHC needed a hill, and Cookie pointed out an excellent choice by the Field of Dreams.  More bear crawls and merkins on the way!  The PAX had an issue with the rough parking lot.  First dog poo, now this!  Maybe we seasoned those tender hands.

We partnered back up on the hill for more merkins (yes, more) and Bernie Sanders up the hill.  Round two was even better, because Monkey Humpers and BS are a painful combo.  We moseyed back to the start for ChumBaWamba burpees (at Devito’s request).


Thanks again to the PAX for following along, hopefully all got stronger.  Prayers for all as we contemplate the events of this weekend.  Also for my mother & her struggles, Scully & the F3 mission trip.  Don’t forget the 2nd F at Cookie’s, next Thursday.

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