Gimpy Q

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 01/25/2020

QIC: Devito

PAX (13): Miller Time, Cookie, Birdie, Pumba, Boomer, Ball Boy, White Claw, Kick Six, Dosido, Casper, Squirtle, Legos, Devito


Still nursing a lower back injury from being stupid at the Wreck on Monday, I opted for AlphaRuck as the pre-BD activity this morning (minus log) vs. Twisted Surprise.  Haven’t rucked much recently, so great to reconnect with the rucker crew.  As we neared finish, Cookie raised the fact that we had no Q on the sheet for the beatdown.  As we know, an F3 group is never without a Q, so I said I’d take it, gimpy and all.  At least folks knew at the start there would be no rock coupons (source of stupid injury) involved in today’s beatdown.  But with no plan for the morning, that’s about all any of us knew …


To warm up the legs, we ran up to the entry circle for some IC SSH, windmills, and copperhead squats.  From there we ran back into the park and stopped at the stairs a round of bunny hops up the stairs.

The Thang:

Anytime you don’t have a plan, our lovely hill is always a great place to start, so that’s where we headed.  We gathered at the base of the hill to start a Mucho Grande Chesto.

25 diamond merkins at the bottom
25 wide merkins at the top of the hill
25 offset right merkins at the bottom
25 offset left merkins at the top
25 merkins at the bottom

As we worked through some Mary for the 6, we realized we lost 1 HIM to a pit stop.  No sense wasting time while we wait, so we lined up at one end of the parking circle.  Bear crawl to the opposite end then duck walk back.  Great little intermission of pain and our lost HIM rejoined the group about 1/2 way through.  We all gathered back again at the base of the hill for Around Your Ass To Get To Your Elbow.  This sequence is all about your pain at Q’s choice.  On the command Go, all begin running up the hill.  On the command Down, all drop for 3 burpees then began crab walk back down the hill.  Continue with Go and Down on up the hill as Q sees fit.  As usual, Miller Time led the pack running and got caught for the last Down 2 steps from the top … so close.

10 count recovery then we headed over to the playground and lined up near the pull up area for a modified morning call.  Q threw in some IC tempo merkins while the 6 made his way over.  All PAX in air chair.  One at a time, each goes up for 10 pull-ups.  PAX do squats in time with pull ups.  Since we were at the playground, there are picnic tables near by.  Seemed like a great point in the BD to through in a sequence of OYO dips, steps-ups and derkins.  25 reps each, 3 sets of each.  With all complete, time was still on our side so we headed down to the turf soccer field and lined up on the side line for a bear crawl shuttle run.  Bear crawl out, 15 LBCs, backward run back to the sideline.  Go out to the near penalty box line, near goal box line, far goal box line, far penalty box line and far sideline.  The bear crawls were truly exquisite on shaky arms from prior merkins, dips and derkins.  Time was near close so we gathered near the flag for some IC dying cockroach to finish out.


  • Prayers raised for folks battling illnesses.
  • Reminder for all to post for Ha-Ha’s birthday Q Barkley 5K next Saturday.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I really enjoy Q’ing this AO.  So when I saw it open this morning, I jumped.  Great layout of the park gives a lot of workout options and the 1 hour BD gives plenty of time to sprinkle in a good variety of pain … ie – when PAX groan about bear crawls, plenty of time to add more bear crawls later.  That said, the Widowmaker Q sheet is pretty empty for Feb, Mar and Apr at this point.  I’d challenge each HIM to throw their name on the sheet once for Q in the coming months (Widowmaker only needs 4 Q’s per month).  That’ll keep us with a good variety and keep things lively.

As a side note, Boomer did let me know that if I can steal another open Q slot like this, he’d really like to see the return of burpee broad jumps up the hill … at least I think he did …

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