Simple Man

AO: The Rubicon

When: 01/21/2020

QIC: Pellets

PAX (17): Pitstop, Miller Time, Cookie, Lumbergh, Trebeck, Fanny Pack, Full Moon, Milli Vanilli, Lil Hurt, Pinkey, False Start, El Matador, Krueger, Special K, Scar, and Half Dog (FNG).


Moseyed over to the flag by the ball fields for a juiced up round of SSH, Weed Pickers, and Hillybilly’s.

The Thang:

Quick Pellets Bio:

ADD Survivor.  Huge Merkin Guy.  Simple Man.

Act 1:

Beloved Mucho Mile 4 sets of 50 at varying spots around a path in the park.  Total Merkin reps 200.

Act 2:

Hit the lovely planters section and the Pax knocked out 25 Box Jumps and 20 Big Boy’s.  Q called an audible after nearly mouth puking on the 1st round of box jumps and lowered the rep count to a palatable 25.  3 sets.

Act 3:

Moseyed to the far side of the track and partnered up for an everyday man’s Dora 1-2-3.  50 Merkins–100 Big Boy’s–150 Squats.

Partner carry on the way back to the planters stopping at the 50 yard line to switch partners.

Act 4:

Moseyed back to the planters with several of the Pax thoroughly enjoying themselves busting my balls about my lack of the full playbook on my Q’s and ability to make shit up on the fly but somehow always landing back on a variation of Merkins.

Hit the planters for 25 Derkins and 25 LBC’s and then another round od 20 Derkins and 20 LBC’s.

Hustled back to the flag for 3 minutes Mary to that included a dose of Merkins.









Speedy recovery T&P for Devito back injury that was directly caused by Aflac.

T Claps to MT and some of the Wreck boys for hammering out a half marathon on Daufuskie Island in between beers.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

6 Year Old daughter Irelyn left me this note in my office this morning.  Spent time this morning thinking #1 what a beautiful and kind soul she has and #2 what would happen if I did Love “Eveybody”?  Spending absolutely no time and energy thinking about a simple and meaningless disagreement with a supplier or coworker, smiling and talking to the counter guy at QT, sending a few notes to close friends/family to tell them I love them.

I envy my daughter in so many ways…what an amazing outlook on life and people that if I can simply JUST LOVE what an impact that can make.  It’s not about me or any old baggage I happen to be carrying around that particular day.  Just show up and LOVE every single day…that’s the real NO DAYS OFF mentality I want to strive for.

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