Spontaneous Singing

AO: The Hooch

When: 01/20/2020

QIC: Zohan

PAX (13): Scar, Meatball, Piggy, Feathers, Boomer, Saint2O, Pooh Bear, Ha-Ha, Scrooge, Splinter, Cougar, Ready Mix, Zohan


Driving this morning to the AO I was wondering how many PAX would brave the cold weather. Seeing the cars parked there was uplifting, reinforcing the validation that surrounding myself with the F3 men was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


We run outside of the parking lot toward the high school trail. At the beginning of the trail we started the warm up with

5 Broad Jump Burpees, 15 SSH IC

5 Broad Jump Burpees, 12 Weed Pickers IC

5 Broad Jump Burpees, 12 Imperial Walkers IC

5 Broad Jump Burpees, 12 Squats IC

5 Broad Jump Burpees, 12 Moroccan Night Club IC

The Thang:

We run to the end of the trail and grouped into 3s for a Double Dora(grinders style).

1 PAX worked out the bottom of the hill, 1 PAX worked out at the top and the 3rd PAX run up or down to replace them. At the bottom of the hill 100 of each (alpha counts): Alternate Shoulder Taps, Bonnie Blairs, Carolina Dry Docks and Derkins. At the top of the hill 100 of each (alpha counts): American Hammers, Big Boy Sit-ups, Crab Cakes and Dolly.
The Crab Cakes too the longest to finish, so all the PAX converged at the top to finish the Crab Cakes and Dollies together.

We run to the wall for the next part.

In a People’s Chair position we did 30 Overhead Claps IC. While YHC was trying to maintain cadence, Ha-Ha led some of the PAX in a spontaneous singing of “We don’t need no education” .

The PAX were ready to leave the wall but we stayed there and continued with 25 OYO Donkey Kicks.

Next we returned to People’s Chair position and lifted left knee, holding till YHC heard enough groaning. This time there was no signing. Switched legs and holding right knee up.

Before saying goodbye to the wall we did 25 OYO Dirty Hand Shakes.

Mosey back to the flag.

We had enough time for Captain Thor: Big Boy Sit Ups and American Hammers (single count) at 1:4 ratio, starting with 1:4 and going up to 10:40. YHC was having a hard time calling out the quick cadence while doing the actual work out. Many thanks to Ha-Ha who led it.

Finish with some Mary: Box Cutters, Dying Cockroach and LBCs.



Prayers for Pooh Bear’s mother.

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