Rush’ing The Field

AO: The Zoo

When: 01/18/2020

QIC: Inseam

PAX (7): The Body, Mr. Hand, Dumpster, Swiper, McDuff, Tin Man 2 (DR from F3St. Simons), Inseam


5 *uckers got some good Preruck action in at 0600.

YHC has yet to Q a Zoo beatdown. Also, with tax season looming (here already) and YHC’s job calling him in on Saturday’s for the foreseeable future (seems like forever…will I ever see my family again?…will I kick the bucket here at work?), he thought a temporary fair well Q was warranted. Plans were drawn up the night prior, YHC was excited. Man did it turn out to be a good one!


3 mile pre-ruck. Drop sack. Water up. Grab a couple more Pax. Mosey off.

The theme for today? Running & Rush! With that in mind, YHC hit shuffle on the RUSH playlist and we moseyed to the sweet tune of Tom Sawyer.

Circle up at the giant flag pole for the following:

  • Good Mornings – IC
  • Cotton Pickers – IC
  • Sprinklers – IC
  • Balboas – IC

Mosey to football field.

The Thang:

YHC informed the pax that they would focus on running today with light strength breaks in between.

Thang 1: Black Jacks across the football field – Start with 1 Merkin/20 LBCs – End on 20 Merkins/1 LBC. This surprised the pax with the time it took to complete. 1.8 miles expensed and paid!

Thang 2: Enter Break 1 of 2 – Bear Brawls & Railroads down the field

  • Railroad 100 yards in regular plank position. 10 yard spacing (for most)
  • Railroad 100 yards back in reverse plank position. 10 yard spacing (for all)
  • Bear Brawl to 50 yard line and back with yourself and partner alternating positions every 10 years
    • you don’t know what a bear brawl is? Take 3 minutes to look them up…seriously. Good livin’

Break is over, back to running. Though most pax didn’t consider a heart rate spike to 185 as a break…eh tomato tamahto 🙂

Thang 3: Red Barchetta

  • Sprint 100 yards; perform 100 SSH; mosey back. We’d continued in the fashion, planking for six after each mosey back
    • 75 yards; 75 mountain climbers (alpha count)
    • 50 yards; 50 LBCs
    • 25 yards (AYG); 25 Low Slow Squats
    • SURPRISE! 10 yards; 10 Burpees

Thang 4: Break 2 of 2. (ei: Pre-mary cool down)

  • Mosey to the Elvis Facility Building for some Big Bois IC
  • Grab a partner and a table. Partner one on his back with justifier nearly against end of picnic table, and feet pressed against the bottom side of the table top. Partner two sits on top of table while Partner 1 performs 20-25 leg presses. This was a new fan favorite exercise among the Pax, definitely adding this the the “usual” list. What should we call it? …”Cowboys” it is. (try it, you’ll see where the name came from).

Back to flag for MoM which consisted of “Whisper of Death”..? Idk, Body really needs to name this thing.


Give thanks for another day and for F3. Pray for Tin Man 2’s father and his continued health and recovery. Pray for sad clowns.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Enjoyed my first Q at the Zoo! Loving these steady numbers we are seeing here at the Zoo this year too. There has been a steady group of 6-7 pax on any given Saturday, with 4-5 preruckers in addition. Some good livin’ going on up here! If you haven’t been by to check it out then you’re missing out. Aye!

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