Mosey, mosey, mosey

AO: The Storm

When: 01/16/2020

QIC: BetaMax

PAX (9): Whiz, Inseam, Mr.Hand, McDuff, Swiper, Spit Valve, Dumpster, Snake, BetaMax (DR - F3Omaha)


Conditions: This AO didn’t live up to it’s name in the morning gloom today.  The Storm AO cleared after a decent storm overnight to provide a beautiful 58 degrees and no wind but wet pavement and a clear sky.  No headlights were needed in this well lit AO!

Pre-mosey. Down range QIC, BetaMax, looks on as six HIM walking abreast, each wearing a different color F3 shirt (red, blue, black, etc.) approaching the shovel flag at 0528.  It was like watching a scene out of the movie Armageddon as the hero’s approached the spa e shuttle.

We went high, we we went low and we went all over with a mosey between every location.

PAX began with an Indian run to the top of the parking garage.  Around floor four we began to wonder how many more switch backs there were to the top of this never ending garage.


On the roof overlooking the AO:

  1. Tappy taps x 20
  2. Sun gods x 10
  3. Reverse sun gods x 10
  4. Failure to launch (hold squat for 10 seconds, jump and land in squat, repeat) x 6
  5. Cherry pickers x 20
  6. Moroccan nightclub x 20

The Thang:

Mosey!  Down the stairs, past the “caution” construction to a nice new brick wall.

  • Balls to the wall.  9 PAX calling 10 counts for 90 seconds of pain.
  • Wall sits.  9 PAX calling 10 counts for 90 seconds of pain.

Mosey!  To the circle bike racks.

  • Diamond incline merkins on circle bike racks x 20
  • Dips on circle bike racks x 20
  • Repeat

Mosey! To stairs facing Ronald Regan Blvd

  • Grizzcalator up the stairs (incline push-up on each step until all PAX reached the top)

Mosey! To covered pavilion  with concrete ledge

  • Rutkus (step ups) for 30 seconds
  • Dips for 30 seconds
  • Repeat

Mosey! To covered area in front of shovel flag

  • Donkey kicks x 20
  • Dirty Dogs (IC) x 40 on each leg (also called fire hydrants)
  • Circle of pain
  • Circle burp (each HIM did five burpees while PAX held plank)
  • Howling monkey humpers (each HIM called 10 IC as we rotated for 180 consecutive howling monkeys….much mumble chatter…also severe pain in legs).


  • LBC’s x 25
  • Marge & Homer’s x 25
  • Big boys x 25
  • America hammers x 25


Prayers for Whiz and his family as they travel

Night ruck is tonight at 8:00.  See Slack for more details.

Self compassion is something often overlooked by men.  Whatever pain, suffering or trouble you are experiencing, you are not the only one wrestling through that particular circumstance and you are not alone.  Reflect, give yourself grace and allow yourself to learn from mistakes made and more importantly reach out and talk to someone and seek the help of your brothers, mentor, pastor or leaders.

Additionally, The Body shared, “do your best until you know better, then do better.”  That is going to stick with us as is something all HIM should live by.

Aye!  BetaMax

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