Backwards Bear-crawl or just a Backwards Bear

AO: The Wreck

When: 01/15/2020

QIC: Bear

PAX (21): Squeegee, Bieber, Yankee, Tubbs, TP, Doogie, Crablegs, Polaroid, Swamp Donkey, Backside, Turbine, Deadbeat, Sellout, Norm, Yao Ming, FNG (Seaweed), Juul, Rooney, Transporter, Grease Monkey, Bear


Beautiful morning! TP sighting…”is this a one time thing or permanent?” haha. Transporter from Charlotte was a great addition! Glad Seaweed got a taste of F3!


No doubt we had to plank. Right arm / Left arm up, plank jacks, mtn climbers, plank dying cockroach, shoulder taps…

The Thang:

Mosey to the double wall.

25 hand release merkins (declining very quickly after the first set)…amazing how hard it is when you do them right!

Jump the 2 walls and do 25 stone mtns at the top.

4 sets

Mosey to the big parking lot near the football fields. Run to the 10th line and do 10 big boys, run back to start line, run back to 9th line and do 9 big boys and so on till you get to 1.

Mosey to the HILL!!

Backward bear crawl halfway up the hill and do 10 hand release derkins. Regular bear crawl the rest of the way and then do 40 LBCs that the top. run back down and do 4 sets of this. Awful!

Mosey toward lake and circle up at the top parking lot above lake…Crablegs, Bieber, Deadbeat, Squeegee, and maybe one other called out exercises to do for 30 seconds. as many reps as possible.

Mosey to the flag and done!


Be thinking about TPs boss’ son who just graduated and has cancer.

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