Dora’s suicidal twin sister meets Bonnie

AO: The Gladiator

When: 01/14/2020

QIC: Delicious

PAX (12): Speedo, Transporter (F3 Charlotte), Kegger, Browne, DefCon 2, Stroller, Spandex, Moonshine (Kotter), Scratchoff (Kotter), Cheneral, Daddy Day Care, Delicious


Ohhh the weather last night was gloomy,

This morning it was perfect to me.

But since it’s the Delicious Show

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go…..

So throughout the night YHC was a little concerned that the weather wouldn’t be very good come gloom time.  However, despite a little fog and humidity, it turned out to be perfect conditions for an awesome beatdown.


Mosey from the flag to the next parking lot by the pavilion for a little warmup:

  • 20 SSH
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 10 Weedpickers

Then into the pavilion for a round of

  • 20 Dips
  • 20 Step-ups OYO with Al Gore for the six

The Thang:

YHC went a little crazy this morning.  After the warmup, we moseyed back to the flag parking lot for some modified elevens/twenty-ones:

On one side of the parking lot, the Pax did burpees, then sprinted to the other side of the lot to do some squats.  The mod stems from taking burpees from one to ten, but the squats from twenty to eleven.  Those that finished first Planked for the six.  After a time, the pax assisted moonshine with his final set of burpees and squats.  Then we moseyed to the soccer pitch, and that’s where the pax met Dora’s twin sister (she can be a little – cray cray)…

Doracides – Partner One started with:

  • 100 Merkins
  • 200 Leg Raises
  • 300 Bonnie Blairs

Partner two began by sprinting:

  • to the Goaltender’s line and back
  • to the top of the Penalty box and back
  • to the red line halfway between the penalty box and midfield

Switch up after completing the sprint, with the exercises cumulative.  Those that finished first did Mary for the six.

Finally, back to the flag for a couple more minutes of Mary:

  • American Hammer by Defcon 2
  • LBC Flutter by Moonshine
  • And I’m sure I missed the first one, but for the life of me I can’t remember it…


Prayers requested for Spandex’ sister Cindy, Defcon 2 and all of F3 Alpha, F3 Cherokee’s TrustFall, and Scratch-off and Sarah.  May they be held high as they endure their hardships and as they recover.  And may we all be blessed with good health and good fortune!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It has been an honor and a privilege being a part of this group.  Thank each and every one of you for allowing me to lead.  And as we’ve been taught throughout the Nation – “No man left behind, but no man left the same”

Carry on, and see you in the gloom!

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