The “Dunwoody” 6-Step: A New Fad

AO: The Shadow

When: 01/11/2020

QIC: Leon

PAX (10): Leon, Fireballs, Seles, BiBo, Salt Lick, CIA, Radar, BillBoard, Sleeper, Brass Monkey


65° & 92% Humidity, one would’ve thought we were talking late April or early May, but no we’re talking January 11th!

Maybe this Global Warming thing has some legsl? Who Knows!  That said, 10 of F3’s Shadow escaped the warmth of their F-Sacks and choose to begin their Sat with a Leon beat down. They hopefully weren’t disappointed.


Slow Figure 8 Mosey around the Austin front parking lot back to the platform of Pain for the following:
15 reps then 10 reps IC:
SSH, Imperial Walkers, Windmills, Mary K’s, Merkins, Stone Mountains, Peter Parker’s, Planks (15 secs)
Mosey to Side Lot for Curb to curb: Toy Soldiers, Lunges, Bear Crawls one way then back with High Knees, Broad Jumps and Lunges
Mosey out the side of Austin to Holly Bank Circle

The Thang:

Cherokee Run to 2nd Austin Entrance down to the lower Round-about (by Manhole’s Nature Center entrance) 1st of 6 Stations:

Station #1: @ Round-about: 10 Burpees oyo, 10 T-Merkins (5 each arm) oyo, 25 LBC’s IC mosey to;

Station #2: @ House O’ Pain in Nature Center: Partner up for 10 Pulls ups/15 Dips oyo (partner switch), 15 Steps-Up IC PAX together, mosey to;

Station #3:
Stumps, Partner up for Stump Carry and 8ct Body Builders, switch up 2x, mosey to lower lot by Nature Center porch for;

Station #4:
4 mins of Mary: My Box Cutters, Low Flutter, Heels to Heaven, Low Dolly, Obliques, Happy Valley’s, American Hammer, Elbow Planks, mosey to next lot (electric car charger lot);

Station #5:
Stone Work (2 stones in each Hand) 20 Kettle Bells oyo, Arm Circles oyo, Swimmer’s Curl and Press PAX Together IC x 20, dump rocks and mosey to 1st curb for;

2/75% effort runs up the hill to my pre-placed cone, slow mosey back to start. From the cone, mosey back into main Austin entrance for;

Station #6: One partner does 10 merkins, 10 plank Jacks, 10 Standing lunges while partner runs the circle. 3x

Mosey to North Austin hill for slow Cherokee Run up and out of Austin entrance with 5 Squats off the back, right into Holly Bank Circle and into the back entrance of Austin, finishing at Austin Wall.

2 sets of 30 Sec Wall Squats followed by 30 Sec Plank Jack Balls-to-Wall, each set counted off by YHC.

Finish with 10 hand-release merkins on Platform O’ Pain.


No announcements other than please stay safe with this afternoon’s storms coming through around 5-7PM. Find a safe space, protect your family and stock-up with your favorite frothy beverages.

Radar took us out eloquently!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Lot of Great boutique restaurant suggestions from our Coffee-teria chat. Need to hit up Salt-lick, Billboard, Radar and Sleeper for recommendations around our area. Hit up Seles for Tax credit strategies as well!

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