Lone Ranger

AO: The Coliseum

When: 01/10/2020

QIC: Simba

PAX (1): Only the QIC


The night before the epic beatdown, the sad news started rolling in. The Q was excited to share and help a new PAX become familiar with what it was like to lead the PAX in the beatdown. But several PAX informed the group they weren’t able to make it. But not to be put-down, the co-Q and yours truly were still going to be out there, leading whoever showed up. The morning of, just before it was go time, not a soul was there to join in. Sadly, it seems like the PAX were either sick or fartsacking. Thus, the QIC enjoyed the gloom in a lone ranger fashion.


A gentle mosey from the Flag to the round-a-bout and back. Followed by some SSH, Imperial Walkers, Weed pickers and a round of Merkins.

The Thang:

The Electric Mile was in store. For every 2 street lamps, we alternated between doing 20 merkins and 10 BBS.

After the first stint, we then kept doing the Electric Mile with a continued BBS and 20 squats at every 2nd street lamp.

Then we made a final shift to 10 (2 count) Mountain Climbers and 20 squats.


The end of the electric mile landed just a short mosey from a perfect spot for a set of 11’s on the hill. That consisted of doing donkey kicks at station 1, running up the hill and doing V-ups at station 2. The combination of the two exercises always equaling 11 as Station 1 decreased from 10 and station 2 increased from 1.

After that it was time for a bit of Mary and the sadly the time was up.

Crunches, Freddie Mercury and some more Mountain Climbers.


Pray for The Chaski. He came down with a bug and has some hard runs coming up and needs to continue his training.

Moontoes, he continues to have an issue with his foot that takes him out of fellowship with his F3 brothers.

Dawn, he continues to raise support to go and impact the nations.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Dawn and Simba have officially signed up for the Savage Race on March 28th. We would love any and all to join that can.

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