AO: The Wreck

When: 01/10/2020

QIC: SmackDown

PAX (16): Norm, Zima, Crab Legs, Juul, Foley, Deadbeat, Backside, Grease Monkey, Doogie, Rooney, Bear, Aflac, Goat, Yankee, Yao Ming


A gorgeous Friday morning at the Wreck! 55 degrees a group of guys ready to get after it.


Mosey up to the second parking lot, down through Murph’s Playground and back to the flag for a little warm up.

15x SSH
10x Abe Vigoda
10x Toy Solider
10x Imperial Walker
10x Pickle Pusher
:30 sec. Single Leg Bridge Hold (each leg)

The Thang:

Role Call – Pax circled the exercise equipment in plank position. First man grabs the pull-up bar for 5 while Pax does 5 merkins. Repeat with next man in the circle until everyone has done five pull ups. Mosey to the football field.

Suicides: Pax runs to each 25 yard marker (25, 50, 25, goal line) and performs the below. Each time Pax returns to starting goal line they perform 5 8-count Bodybuilders.
Round 1 & 2
– 25 T-Bombs
– 25 Groiners
– 25 Freddie Mercury 2-count
– 25 Dying Cockroach 2-count

Round 3
– 25 Bonnie Blairs
– 25 Single Leg Deadlifts (2-count)
– 25 Kneel to Squat
– 25 Break Dancers

We had to call it before anyone could get to Break Dancers, but next time!


God acts, the devil reacts – lets work to be proactive instead of reactive.

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