Playground Activity

AO: The Rubicon

When: 01/09/2020


PAX (14): Pitstop, Waffles, Devito, Pellets, Cookie, False Start, Full Moon, Fanny Pack, Lumbergh, Trebek, Lil' Hurt, Pinkey, Milli Vanilli, M.T.


YHC offered in advance that we would be stressing muscles today and 14 took the challenge to get out in the cold.  3 pre runners already warmed up.


A mosey around the park to a warmup session near the BB courts.

The Thang:

On to the Playground for some neglected work on the pull up bars.  What better approach than the Murph or mini Murph in this case.  50 pulls ups, 100 mercans, 150 Squats today.  Lots of silence during this one – just groans and grunts and other midwife noises.

On to the FOD Hill where we partnered up.  Partner 1 – wheelbarrowed up the hill, partner 2 held legs.  10 Bropee’s at the top, back to the bottom, flap jack and another 10 bropees at top.

Round 2 was the bear crawl up the hill with 10 partner mercans x 2 rounds

On to the FOD for some partner leap frog from home base to the outfield fence and mosey back around to home page.  Devito pointed out YHC may have stole this from the local kindergartners.

Two line Indian Run for two laps

Back to the flag for some T-Bombs, diamonds, and Waffles called Flutters.





Praise for positive scan results for Devito’s bro!
Reminder of good timing for FNG recruiting.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great work ethic by all today!  It matters none if you can’t perform a certain exercise fast or at all.  What matters is you challenge yourself to do all you can and keep working to get better.

Pellets gave Lumbergh most improved runner award for the past year during pre run this morning.   YHC couldn’t agree more.  Don’t think we have gotten slower so Lumbergh for sure has gotten faster and more consistent!  A HIM in motion leading by example.

Cookie re-exerted his dominance as fastest 100 yard man in Rubicon history.  About to turn 40 however so the title may be up for grabs soon.

Solid reminder by Pellets during TNT to not lose site of today and focus on giving quality time to those most important to you.  Develop relationship maintenance habits that last.

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