Luigi Runs the Gauntlet

AO: The Hooch

When: 01/06/2020

QIC: Ready-Mix

PAX (15): Saint 2.0, Popper, Ballboy, Dawn, Pooh-Bear, Piggy, Puff Daddy (aka Luigi), Flo, Birdie, Sunshine, Splinter, Scrooge, Feathers, Boomer, Ready-Mix


15 Fat Christmas HIMs showed up ready to start burning off the Christmas pounds.  We were accompanied by a special mustachioed Italian guest who motivated us with his dazzling good looks.


Slow mosey through the parking lot over to the old Hurricane location, where we warmed up with 20 SSH, 10 Windmills and 15 reps of Copperhead Squats.  Then picked up another mosey train over to the oversized Homer’s Donut where we did the namesake, followed by a third mosey over to the site of today’s Thang.

The Thang:

Thang Part 1: Split the PAX up into 3 groups of 5, where we did partner runs through the Guantlet (narrow row of trees along the woods at the top of end the parking lot).  One of the team of 5 would run the gauntlet, while the other 4 would run through a series of exercises, trading out at each interval – Merkins, V-Ups, Never Surrenders, and finish with Burpies (yes, I’m missing one exercise, I just can’t remember – too much egg nog).  Did this two times through.  Only a couple were man enough to do the Never Surrenders on the pavement, too many Starbucky Knees after the Christmas Break.

Thang Part 2: Ran over to the track stadium stairs, and did the following in cadence: 15x Box Jumps, 20x Dips, 10 Irkins, 15x Box Jumps and 20x Dips.  Worn out, we performed a spotless 2-line Indian run back to the main parking lot, then performed a short Lunge walk. Finished with a rotation of Bernie Sanders and Sprints between the parking lot lines, with 3x Merkins at each interval, back to the flag.

Closed up with a short Mary including Dying Cockroach, Freddy Mercury, Merkins (yep, needed a few more of those), and Gas Pumpers in a very disappointing un-Cajun accent.


Prayers lifted up for several mothers and mothers-in-laws of the Pax health, also for Dawn’s trip to see extended family this week.  Also for the Settle family who continues to wait for answers to Lucy’s health issues.

Second F likely to be hosted at Ready-Mix’s house for AFC/NFC Championship games on Sunday late afternoon 1/19, details later.  For men only.

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