Pump it up

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 01/04/2020

QIC: Zohan

PAX (11): Casper, Special K, Animal, Saint2O, Boomer, Cookie, Devito, Sculley, White Claw, Squirtle, Zohan


I wanted to open the year with an Israeli playlist, to bring the PAX a taste of my background. The playlist included songs in multiple languages – Hebrew, English, Yemen, Moroccan, Greek, Persian – as Israel is an immigrant country with people from all over.


Mosey, SSH, Hill Billies, Weed Pickers, Mountain Climbers

The Thang:

YHC was planning a workout in the baseball fields, but they were locked. So we had to do with the soccer field. It doesn’t give you the same feel as crawling in the red mud, but we do what we can.

Escalating 4 Corners – on the penalty box, started with 5 Burpees and a run around the penalty box.

2nd round – 5 Burpees, Bear Crawl to next corner and 10 Merkins. Run the rest of the box.

3rd round – Burpees, Bear Crawl, Merkins. Add – Lunges to the next corner and 20 Bonnie Blairs. Run the rest of the box.

4th round – as before, adding Crab Walk and 30 American Hammers. Run the rest of the box.

5th round – as before. Add Bernie Sanders (run backwards) to the first corner and 40 Squats.


Ring of Fire, with Coupons – we took coupons and split into 5 groups of 2-3 men in the pavilion. Each group a different exercise. First 4 groups are AMRAP – Men Makers, Step Ups (holding the coupon), Shoulder Presses and No Surrenders (while holding the coupon, go down to one knee, then the other, then back up one leg at a time). 5th group Bear Crawled down the stairs and Bunny Hopped back up. Rotate.


Mucho Chesto – We moseyed to the loop near the tunnel and split into 2 groups. One group run the loop while the other stayed behind for Mucho Chesto (10 Merkins, 10 Wide, 10 Diamond, 10 Stagger left and 10 right), then Sit Ups until the first team comes back. Switch.


We moseyed back to the field for some more fun. Between exercises we run to different points around the field and back. 20 T-Bombs, 40 Flatter Kicks, 60 Monkey Humpers, 80 SSH, 100 LBCs.

We had enough time for Indian Run one time around the field and some Mary – Dolly, J-Loes, Carolina Dry Docks. YHC called Time, but Special K wanted some Buzz Saw, so we did 10 of these too.


Devito reminded that January is a good time to double down on EHing men who can really benefit from F3. Sculley’s mission trip – clothing donations needed. Groupie’s recovery from 3rd degree burns. Animal planning a trail run in Swanee Mountain in Feb. YHC will find a Sunday in March or April for 3rd F in Meals By Grace (recommended to come with with M & 2.0s).

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