Countdown to a New Year of Pain!

AO: The Zoo

When: 01/04/2020

QIC: @F3_Swiper

PAX (7): Olaf, the Body, Inseam, Dumpster, McDuff, Mr. Hand, Swiper


7 for Pre-ruck including a couple of Ruck’ies (first time Ruckers) looking to get the year started off right!  Driving rain on the way end that cleared right as the clock struck 6 AM.  These PAX must be livin’ right, so off we go!


Mosey around the North end of the track to the parking lot for warm-up’s, all IC:


Imperial Walkers


Good Mornings

The Thang:

Short mosey to the mid-point of the track.  Let’s get the New Year started with a mini-Murph:

1/2 mile lap around the track to the pull up bars

50 Pull-up’s

100 Mercans

150 Squats

1/2 mile lap back to the start

Next, we’re off to the football field for a New Year’s countdown, F3 Style:

Starting in one end-zone, sprint to the 10 yard line and do 10 Burpees and 10 Star Jumps

Sprint to the 20 for 9 burpees and 9 star jumps, etc. all the way to 1:1 at the other end zone.  Strong work by the PAX on this one.

Lastly, circle up for some “Happy New Rear” glute exercises.  3 rounds of 20/15/10 of the following:

Copperhead Squats

Gas Pumpers

Gorilla Humpers

Back to the flag for Mary.


Prayers for continued growth in the North- great momentum heading into 2020

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Mark your calendars for Leap Year Day at the Zoo.  Ideas in the works for this convergence event, but one thing is for sure…”winter is coming.”  The only open question is who will be crowned the King of the North!

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