Pyramid to Pain

AO: The Galaxy

When: 12/31/2019

QIC: Yahtzee

PAX (8): Blue, Wide Right, Sparky, Venus, Fondue Guy, Cha Ching, Shark


PAX pulled in ready to end 2019 in pain…mostly from all the “see you next year/decade” comments we heard.


  • Side straddle hops 15
  • Hillbillies 15
  • Windmills 15
  • Arm Circles 50

The Thang:

Pyramid of Pain #1

  • 1 Pull up and 25 flutter kicks
  • 2 Pull ups and 25 flutter kicks
  • 3 Pull ups and 25 flutter kicks
  • 10 Pull ups and 25 flutter kicks
  • And repeat backwards down to 1

Total 100 pull ups and 180 flutter kicks

Run a Lap

Duck walk up the hill

Pyramid of Pain #2

  • Same format as #1 but with Merkins and 10 leg lifts

Back to the flag with an attempted Mary of ATM’s courtesy of Waffle House’s visit the previous week.


  • Updates on Tweakers Dad cancer is in the bones
  • Update on Papa Mike Wide Rights father in law cancer

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Have a great New Year see you all Next Decade!

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