Dreaming of the Fartsack

AO: The Gladiator

When: 01/02/2020

QIC: Tebow

PAX (11): Delicious, Scar, Beaner, 409 (FNG), Speedo, Mailbox, Stud Fiunder, Cheneral, Daddy Day Care, Brownie


There was some talk the night before about the bold move of taking the Q behind the Sugar Bowl, and let me tell you, it was rough, and I didn’t even stay up for the whole thing!  YHC came in with no energy and honestly was hoping that no one would be there so I could go back to sleep – just not feeling great this morning.  No such luck, 11 men showed up to start getting better in the new year… so I suppose that was good.


Lot on the other side of rec center:

10 Cheerleaders (IC)

10 Abe Vigoda’s (IC)

11 Imperial Walkers (IC)

The Thang:

To the Large Pavilion

11s – 10 steps ups and 1 dip, …

Captain Thor – this seemed to be a crowd pleaser this morning.


Over to the coupon pile and partner up for a DORA. One did the exercise by the crosswalk while the other partner ran up to Eaves Road.  The drizzle started to come down around the end of this one.

100 Thrusters

200 Tricep Extensions

300 Curls


Back to the flag with a quick stop for some burpees to let the 6 catch up.

Circled up for 10 more Cheerleaders followed by Failure to Launch. YHC likes that combo to get the quads burning.

A mosey around the home parking lot with some side-shuffling, and Bernie Sanders, back to the flag for a circle burp.

One more mosey around the parking lot and closed out with some mountain climbers. YHC was being a baby about getting wet so he kept the PAX off their 6 as much as he could.  You’re welcome.


Welcome to FNG 409, a chemist from Martin’s Landing that came with Stud Finder – nice work!

A speedy recovery for Spandex, the coffeteria hour is always awkward without the coffeeteria.  Oh… and we miss him too!

Rucks are ongoing at the Mayfair pool at 5:10 on M, W, F

Lets build each other up to be better men in 2020.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It’s lways a pleasure and honor to lead.  My apologies for the lack of energy this morning.  I wasn’t 100% but glad that I drug myself out in the gloom with you all.  Thanks for showing up and keeping me accountable.

  • Tebow out

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