New Years Balance

AO: AlphaRuck

When: 01/02/2020

QIC: SnakeOil

PAX (7): 7: SnakeOil, Fireballs, Bean, Cardiac, Billboard, Ricochet, FNG=Curveball*


Was it weather, time, poor new years resolutions or me?  We had 7 pax join in a soft mist for a balanced workout.


20 each:  SSH, Windmill, Imperial Walker, Mountain Climbers

The Thang:

  • Cherokee around streets to pit of misery (+5 burpees)
  • 10×10 reps balancing on left-x-right leg:   shoulder press, curl, step ups, tricep, bench press, squats
  •  Mosey to track (+5 burpees)
  •  Lap with 5 burpees x2 on the half
  •  Mary at the flag:   (left leg, flapjack, right leg 10×10) horizontal toy soldiers, butterfly, obliques, plank (left/right hands, legs, spider); add pushups at 5 each between.
  •  Mosey to picnic tables:  10x / 3 rounds – stepups, incline merkins, dips
  •  Mosey to front with stop for 5 burpees and 3 rounds of bear crawls.
  •  back to home


  • New FNG Marc Freund (Curveball) was sponsored by Greenbean
  •  Back to regular cadence starting Saturday

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