Leave it better than you found it

AO: The Rubicon

When: 12/31/2019

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (9): Pinky, Cookie, Trebek, Krueger, Mufasa, Devito, White Claw, Pitstop


As we end 2019 I was thinking about all the times this year the pax may have missed out on completing an exercise. Maybe you ran out of time in your BD, or you didn’t want to be the six so you fudge the count, or you can’t even squeeze out one more Merkin. So today was all about making up those missed numbers.



A trip around the lot with side step and backwards run. 15ish each of SSH, IW, WP, and soldiers.

The Thang:

As mentioned we’re keeping with the exercises that I am personally most guilty of stopping early.

@the pavillion – 15x dips and step ups for 3 rounds

@the playground – 5 pull up, 10 Bonnie Blair’s for 3 rounds. (Hey….someone took our pull-up bars away…)

@the swings – Swerkins, Merkins, and Squats 10x for 3 rounds

Now for a little 3rd f mix in. We hit the parking lot by brokeback hill. We have previously commented on how messy that place is. Pair up and do burpees. While one partner does burpees the other runs the lot to find at least 3 pieces of trash and returns to switch out. We go to 100 burpees and get quite the haul. We left Rubicon a little cleaner for 2020.

On to the rock pile for rounds of curls and skull crushers.

Back to Mary for hammers, more merkins, Mercury’s, box cutters, rosalita, and flutters.


Convergence New year’s day

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I’ve been reflecting a lot on 2019 and there is a central theme in that that centers around F3. I had personal achievements that went beyond what I expected. I saw a good bond in the folks and felt closer to many of you. When I think of Rubicon this year there is a few items that stick out:

  • The start of the prerun trend
  • Seeing Pitstop on Q and knowing we will be doing 100 burpees
  • IronPAX and the FNGs it brought out
  • Lumberghathon
  • The start of coffee and TNT
  • Amazement at watching Pellets do 100 miles with MTs support
  • Taking up the challenge of Blue Ridge Relay
  • Wreckicon
  • The support and encouragement we all have each other during and outside of the workouts.

As I always end these:

Always a pleasure to lead!

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