The Bears aren’t Ready to Hibernate Just Yet

AO: The Hooch

When: 12/30/2019

QIC: Animal / Homer

PAX (10): Birdie, Popper, Scrooge, Ready Mix, Flo, Cougar, Saint2O, Pooh Bear, Homer, Animal


It’s been a great year at The Hooch and YHC was honored to be able to lead this great group of men once more, in partnership with Homer, to help close out the year on a high note.


Started with a mosey towards the old Hurricane’s lot when we spotted one more pax (Cougar) coming in hot. We stopped about halfway towards the intended destination for some SSH’s then continued on to the “normal” spot for some Weedpickers and Imperial Walkers. Finished with a mosey across the street to the lot next to Homer’s donut.

The Thang:

YHC wanted to close out the year by revisiting some of the most memorable routines from 2019. One of the more memorable BDs of 2019 for me was the military-style BD in remembrance of Boomer’s brother. I’ll never forget the sight, or sound, of all the pax bear crawling across a field while dragging the “girlfriends” (sandbags). Another 2019 favorite was Homer’s dice, one of which determines a rep count, and one which determines the exercise.

For Thang #1, Homer and I decided to combine the two routines in to one. The PAX were split in to 5 groups. One group would proceed down to the field, and bear crawl back-and-forth between 2 cones while dragging a 30# ruck. The remaining pax would use the exercise die and perform AMRAPs of whichever exercise came up.

After 5 rounds of bear crawl drags and AMRAPs, Homer led the PAX to a nearby parking lot for some DB drills followed by Supermans and a variation called “The Swimmer” (courtesy of Flo).

At this point, the PAX may have been thinking they had done their last bear crawl of 2019. If they were, they were wrong. We led the group back to the field, and the rucks, and lined up with 5 PAX on each side of the rucks. The 2 PAX in the middle then bear crawled while dragging the rucks, while everyone else bear crawled along with them. The 2 in the middle would then proceed to the outside of the line, and then rinse and repeat the routine until everyone has had a chance to drag the rucks.

The PAX were then arranged in 2 formations that possibly resembled lines for an Indian ruck back across the street to the Hurricane’s wall. Somehow, the zipper on the plate compartment of YHC’s ruck had come undone and the 30# plate came spilling out. Fortunately, the only thing hurt in any way was the plate itself (a few scratches) and possibly the asphalt, though it provided for a slightly harrowing few seconds.

With the plate securely back in the ruck, and without any crushed feet, Homer proceeded to lead the PAX in a few routines that he liked from Cookie’s Q at Widowmaker on Saturday.  First, we partnered up with 1 partner holding balls-to-the-wall for 45s while the other held an air chair. Rinse and repeat for 4 total rounds (90s total balls-to-the-wall/partner). This was followed by a mosey back towards the flag, where we circled up in front of Iron Tribe for a mokey humper ring of fire. 1 PAX does 10 monkey humpers while the rest hold the monkey humper squat position. Rinse and repeat until everyone has completed 10 reps. If we’re lucky, we were able to provide Iron Tribe with some nice security camera footage! It should also be noted that this routine provided some of the best chatter of 2019, and for that alone the pain was well worth it!

We finished with a few rounds of Mary (gas pumpers, V-ups, flutter kicks, and swimmers).


Announcement for the upcoming New Year’s Day convergence at Widowmaker. Continued prayers for Pooh Bear’s mother, and his mother-in-law, as they continue their physical battles, as well as prayers for Lucy (daughter of Big South).

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Coffeeteria followed where we got a chance to say our farewells, for now, to Hamburglar as he prepares for his family’s next chapter in Kansas City. We’ll miss you buddy!

We discussed big plans and goals for 2020 as well as some lessons learned in 2019 and how we can continue to grow from them. 2020 is sure to be a great year.

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