Jelly Legs and Dirty Handshakes

AO: The Bridge

When: 12/27/2019

QIC: Homer

PAX (7): Flo, Ace, Feathers, Ball Boy, Animal, Zohan, Homer


YHC had hope of a couple FNGs, but got word that the fart sack alarm was missed. Happens to all of us. I bet he’ll be out soon to try our group out. Regardless, thanks to the strong showing of some HIM at the Bridge for this Friday after Christmas. I had already decided against the 0.0 coupon beatdown (by the way, it looks like our on site construction debris pile has been nicely landscaped and the onsite blocks are MIA)  just in case the FNG showed with a 2.0 FNG… Never did. Here’s what we did:


Standard warm up outside of Farm Burger.

  • SSH
  • Imperial Walker
  • Moroccan Nightclub

Mosey past the soon to close Revelator Coffee, hang a right into town green, around the back side of the loop, behind Cinebistro, follow the sidewalk around to lower entry to parking deck.

The Thang:

Thang #1

YHC had seen this “Jelly Leg” routine on a back blast somewhere. Looked like it might be fun/different.

Starting at bottom of parking deck, we held a squat for 10 seconds, then did 10 squats OYO, run to level in front of Lazy Dog and perform 2 burpees OYO. Plank for the 6. Move over one level and hold squat for 20 seconds, 20 squats, run a length of deck and 4 burpees… Rinse and Repeat all the way up the parking deck. 30, 30, 6. 40, 40, 8. 50, 50, 10. I imagine we’ll all be feeling it a little later today!

Down the stairs and mosey around the way we came to the Veteran’s Memorial.

Thang #2

YHC is not afraid to use a Weinke. I had a few options of some partner Dora’s.

First Round was 75 WWI sit-ups and 75 American Hammers while partner ran to slide hill and back. Some PAX opted to use the slide, others ran around the hill and back to partner.

Second Round was 100 Dirty Handshake (think that’s what Popper called them) where you plank in front of bench, left hand up, right hand up, left hand down, right hand down = 1. and 100 step ups.

Time didn’t allow for a third round, so we mosey’d to the geodesic climbing structure.

Idea was that each of us would get 25 chair dips (using the benches) while partner was doing some sort of pull-up, inverted row… something on the structure. Rinse and repeat twice for total of 50 dips.

Had a few minutes left for about 5 rounds of mary.



Prayers for our families and particularly some of our aging parents. Talked about standard Widowmaker Saturday but also the convergence at Widowmaker on 1/1/20. Hope to see some Hooch representation.

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