Five Golden Burpees

AO: The Shadow

When: 12/24/2019

QIC: Seles

PAX (17): Oars, Fireballs, Leon, Brass Monkey, Doppelganger, Madoff, Radar, Cash Box, Rambo, Suds, CIA, Salt Lick, Snake Oil, Sleeper, Chain Gang, Scout, Seles


It was Christmas Eve and all through the Shadow, lots of creatures were stirring to get to the Seles beatdown.  Slowly but surely the PAX came in until one of the largest groups of the year (17) materialized!  It was great to see so many of our F3 brothers for a pre-Christmas, special beatdown, and the PAX were not disappointed.


12 Imperial Walkers, 12 Sumo Squats, 6 12-count around the world lunges, 12 Side Straddle Hops, 12 Baryshnikovs (ea. leg) i.c.

The Thang:

Five Burpees oyo was repeated throughout the workout every 5 minutes (give or take!)

Mosey out the parking lot to the south on Womack and up Vermack to the picnic area for an 11: Jump ups and Dips

Mosey to Seles stop for Mary: 24 Low Flutter i.c.  3X

Mosey to back of school for Bear Crawl/Crab Walk Crowd Pleaser:  Start with 5 hand release merkins at first sidewalk, bear crawl and/or crab walk to other sidewalk for 5 hand release merkins then bear crawl and/or crab walk back to other side for 5 hand release merkins.

Mosey to flagpole for Mary: 24 Box-cutters i.c.  3X

Run steps with hands raised.  5X

Cherokee Run out the parking lot to the south same route as before but stop at the Pit of Despair in front of the school for Jump Ups on the steps out of the pit.  10X  (one of the PAX falsely called the end of the exercise at about 8X so YHC had to remind everyone who was in charge and finish the final two reps!)

Mosey to Seles stop for Mary:  24 Dying cockroaches i.c.  3X

Aerosmith to upper parking lot where we did Bear Crawl up the short rise, run to the west end then crab walk down the low rise followed by backwards run back to the short rise  2X

Mosey to flagpole for Grateful Dead!

Aerosmith to the Memorial Garden for 12 incline merkins i.c. 3X

Mosey back to start with a loop around the parking lot and finish with the final 5 burpees oyo


Radar took us out with prayers for Rambo’s neighbor who is having jaw replacement and prostate cancer treatment and for safe travels for all over the holidays.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Boxing Day beatdown by Rambo at 7:00 am at Dunwoody H.S. and then a very special Oars beatdown on Saturday at Austin Elementary – do not miss it!  Your body will thank you for it.

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