Let’s Get It On!

AO: The Wreck

When: 12/20/2019

QIC: Sellout

PAX (13): Aflac, Switch, Sprocket, Yao Ming, Rooney, I-Beam, Windex, Backside, Norm, Double D, Rusty, Foley, O.J. Sellout,


Fourteen mighty beat down brothers today. Respect for the non-traveling, non-fartsacking who bravely submitted to some new routines!


On time start the mosey around through the woods up the hill to backside parking lot of rec. 12 Abe Vigodas, a couple of long slow groin stretches, then 12 Candy Corns, 16 Bay City Scissors and 12 Side Straddle Hops.

The Thang:

Let’s Get It On! Mosey on up over the hill to the wooden fence of rec maintenance shed. Balls to the wall or Stone mountain position. In unison, walk down the wall together five “hand” steps. Followed by 10 inverted pushups or stone mountains, then five “hand” steps back down the wall to original position. 8 inverted pushup or stone mountains. Back and forth and lowering number of inverted pushups by 2 until zero.  Mosey to football field. Two teams formed and race an Bear walk inch worm to the 50 yard line.  Then on the 50 form a circle on our six with heads out. F** F** Goose until all PAX have been goosed at least once. While goose is being chased all PAX Freddy Mercury till they get goosed.  Next all PAX Alligator Merkin (Lt Dan) from the 50 back to goal line. (extra bonus to PAX for enduring frozen dew on hands and lower parts.) Take a lap of field. Grabbed a partner and take position on sideline. One partner grabs jump rope and jumps rope across the field and back leading with the right foot. Both will do this. Next rep, jump rope leading with the left foot and last rep bunny hop with both feet across field and back. (feel the burn!) Other partner will stand on their head and toes only (3 point stance) with arms stretched out while waiting for jump roping partner to return. Second rep, flutter kicks, Third rep, dips on the bench. Mosey to playground for a quick cool down of burn out pull ups. Mosey back to the flag. That’s how we do it! Great job!


White Elephant gift swapping next BD this Monday the 23rd. Prayers for Sprocket’s sister and Sellout’s in-laws.

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