A Polar Bear Badge for Shadow

AO: The Shadow

When: 12/19/2019

QIC: Manhole

PAX (8): SnakeOil, Scout, Ricochet, Novocaine, Manhole, Doppelganger, CIA and Cardiac


And so they came, one by one, and by the time the clock struck half past 5, and the dust settle, the count was 8 and the temp was 30 or 31. What ever it was, it was cold enough to earn a Polar Bear badge, not that it really ever felt like it.


There were two sets of Warm-O-Rama, x15 and x10, and all IC – SSH, Toy Soldier, Imperial Walkers, Low-Slow-Squats and Cotton Pickers. Mosey of the parking lot and past the baseball field and on to the track, for one lap, broken int0 50s. Backwards Jog, Forward Lunges, Shuttle (left) and Shuttle (right).

Mosey down the track and up to the bleachers

The Thang:

Where we eased into the Thang. 3 Rounds (all IC and x10) Incline Merkins, Bench Squats, Step-Ups and Dips.

Mosey out to Vermack. 10 Lunges (each leg) and 10 Broad Jumps, all the way up the hill to the 1st driveway. (plank for the 6)

Mosey over to the Seles stop for some Mary. (all x10 and all IC). Adv. Boat Canoe (ABC) High Dolly, Box-Cutters, Obliques (Left and Right), Scissors, Low-Slow-Flutter, Low Dolly.

Move to the wall and divide into two groups. Group 1 does a lap up to, across and down from the upper lot while Group 2 wall sits, and then flapjack. 2nd Round is backwards jog half way and then turn it around, both groups.

Mosey to the front of the school for alternating sets of Pull-Ups and Incline Merkins (3 Rounds – Overhand, Underhand, your choice).

Mosey back to the circle.


Cardiac took us out. Prayers for all for safe holiday season and travels.

Ice Cold Sleeper has the Q on Saturday and Seles has XMas Eve at 0700 at Dunwoody High School.

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