AO: The Galaxy

When: 12/17/2019

QIC: ChaChing

PAX (8): ChaChing, Wideright, Sparky, fondue guy, Baby Face, Staples, Tweaker, and Paperclip


Q came into parking lot at 5:29:59 and started with disclaimer as he was exiting the vehicle as to not waste time.


Mosey around track, toy soldiers, weed pickers, side straddle hops

The Thang:

Partnered up and grabbed coupons.   Partner A took a lap around the upper parking lot while partner B performed exercises.  When Partner A completes laps, they swap.
exercises: 100 Skull Crushers and 200 curls.

next did 11s with merkins at one side of parking lot and Bobby Hurleys on the other side of parking lot


round 3 was another set of 11s using coupon to do kettle bells and then burpees.


deposited coupons and took scenic mosey back to the flag for merry until time was complete.


Welcome paperclip

WideRight Father in laws health

Tweaker’s dad to head home from hospital

Praise-Sparky’s M had good trip to visit her dad

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