AO: The Bridge

When: 12/13/2019

QIC: Popper

PAX (6): Meatball, Ace, Doughboy, Feathers, Animal, Popper


YHC gets nostalgic during the holiday season and found himself thinking back on his favorite beatdown elements of the year. Thus today’s beatdown was a best of 2019 medley. Cutting prominently through the gloom was YHC’s favorite beatdown soundtrack, Ha-ha’s Muse playlist (or close to it):





Supermassive Black Hole


Dead Inside










Something Human


Dig Down


Knights of Cydonia





The rain was heavy and the wind was cold. So at 5am in lieu of the typical favorite extra credit Shield Lock Run, Animal led YHC in a parking deck run of Shield Lock Stadiums, moseys and sprints. Then at 5:30, six strong PAX gathered in the parking deck and warmed up with SSH, WP, Windmill, IW and arm circles. Mumble chatter on finding a more creative name for arm circles.

The Thang:

YHC’s favorites of 2019:

  • Favorite IronPax: Meter’s 43 (1 round)
    • 10 Pull-ups (modify to bent-over row)
    • 15 Jump-over burpees
    • 20 Curls
    • 25 Squat thrusters
    • 30 Crunchy frog / Reverse LBC hybrid

  • Favorite Hooch: Boomer’s Marine tribute workout (1 round)
    • 10 Pull-ups (modify to bent-over row)
    • 25 Merkins
    • 25 Big Boy Situps
    • 25 Dead lifts
    • Bear crawl (no coupon drag this time – didn’t want to damage the pavement)
    • Mosey around the parking deck (no coupon)

  • Favorite downrange routine: From F3 Hilton Head Island, parking deck partner mosey w/pain stations.
    • Partner up. Three landings in the parking deck. Partners mosey together between each landing. At each landing, Partner A does reps while partner B holds static, then switch. After top landing, partners mosey all the way back down and collect the PAX before moving onto the next pass.
      • First pass. Each landing: 15 merkins | hold plank, switch
      • Second pass: 15 big boy situps | hold 6 inches, switch
      • Third pass: 15 Bonnie Blairs (each leg) | hold Al Gore, switch

  • Favorite downrange routine brought back home to the Hooch / Bridge: From F3 Chicago, Doomsday Clock
    • In a circle, all PAX hold plank.
    • One by one each PAX does one merkin and counts the increment.
    • PAX fail out if they touch a knee.
    • Go till last man standing.
    • Congrats on the win, Ace! About 260 or so total merkins among the 6 PAX.

  • Favorite Mary: Also from F3 Chicago, Breakdance.
    • Then in the round robin we did dying bug, lying down leg lifts and Russian leg lifts


Prayers for Pooh Bear’s mother battling cancer, and for him to have the strength and calm to be a HIM to the rest of the family. Prayers for all PAX to be servant leaders to those entrusted to us.

Animal’s VQ at The Hooch this Monday 12/16. Don’t miss it!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

2019 was a year of acceleration for YHC, much thanks to the mighty PAX in the gloom. It was easy to be nostalgic and think back on my favorite beatdown moments; the hard part was picking among so many good options for what could fit into a 45 minute window. Looking forward with anticipation to growing shoulder to shoulder in fitness, fellowship and faith with my F3 brothers in the year ahead.

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