The Tellier

AO: The Gladiator

When: 12/12/2019

QIC: Stroller (@f3_stroller)

PAX (17): Cheneral, Strikeout, Stud Finder, Renegade, Scratchoff, Puddle Jumper, Delicious, Postal, Mufasa, Speedo, Scrum, Kegger, Brownie, Laces, Shrinkage, Hitchock, Stroller


In the course of preparing for this Q, YHC stumbled across the Tellier in an F3 Greenwood backblast. I knew right away I had to bring it to the PAX of the Gladiator.

Mufasa joined for a pre-run on a beautiful and chilly morning, and we came back to a nice crowd staying warm in their cars.  The PAX slowly emerged to engage in some mumblechatter, and a caravan came rolling in right at 0515 as YHC issued the disclaimer.


The Q took a step toward the east side of the park before remembering that he wanted to go to a closer parking lot so we could have more time for the thang.  Off to a great start!  Get to the parking lot behind the rec center and circle up.

  • SSH x 25
  • Imperial Walker x 15
  • Weedpicker x 12
  • Mercan x 10

Then on to the field.

The Thang:

YHC briefly gathered the PAX and explained that today’s BD was in honor of Sgt. Zachary Tellier.  The Tellier is a routine as follows:

-10 burpees, run to end of field and back

-10 burpees, 25 mercans, run to end of field and back

-10 burpees, 25 mercans, 50 lunges (25 each leg), run to end of field and back

-10 burpees, 25 mercans, 50 lunges (25 each leg), 100 Big Boy Sit Ups, run to end of field and back

-10 burpees, 25 mercans, 50 lunges (25 each leg), 100 Big Boy Sit Ups, 150 squats, run to end of field and back

The gazelles started back from the bottom for extra credit.  I believe all PAX were on the last round or beyond when Q called to return to the flag for Mary.

I saw Brownie, Laces, Delicious, Mufasa, Kegger all finish, Scrum said he did as well.  I am probably missing some who I couldn’t see in the dark- props to all for toughing this one out!

Mary consisted of flutters, American Hammers, Mountain Climbers, and the Dolly.  Stud Finder attempted to end the BD early but Q was not having it.


YHC gave the full story of Sgt. Tellier’s heroism (See below).  Prayers for Tebow’s family on the loss of his cousin.  Praises for successful surgeries for Cheneral’s M and for Sludge.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

In lieu of a NMM, I am posting Sgt. Tellier’s story here.  Honored to remember this man with a tough BD this morning.  I tried to use his memory to inspire me as I struggled through the sit-ups and squats this morning.

Tellier’s unit was conducting a mounted patrol when one of its vehicles drove over and detonated a bomb, which set the vehicle on fire, according to a statement from the 82nd Airborne.

Tellier pulled two paratroopers out of the vehicle to safety, suffering severe burns to his hands. He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal with valor for his actions.

After he was burned, Tellier jumped up in the turret to return fire, said Sgt. Michael Layton, a member of Tellier’s unit. A lieutenant made Tellier get out of the vehicle because of his injuries, Layton said.

“Zachary Tellier has to be the biggest hero I’ve ever known or heard of, not just because of what he did, but because of his personality,” Layton said. “He came in the Army because he wanted to be around soldiers and serve his country, and he paid the ultimate sacrifice.”

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