Crazy Gorilla

AO: The Rubicon

When: 12/12/2019

QIC: Kick Six

PAX (16): Cookie, MillerTime, Zima, Devito, Pellets, Lumberg, Pinky, Pitstop, Full Moon, Lil' Hurt, False Start, White Claw, Krueger, Special K, FNG Freeze


My official VQ…  16 total PAX including 1 FNG on chilly morning  3 few met for a pre-run.


Quick mosey to the flagpole and a set of:

20 SSH
15 Weed Pickers
12 Copperhead Squats

The Thang:

Quick mosey to collect lifting coupons then mosey to parking lot.
Thang 1 – Gorilla Complex
With a coupon PAX perform this OYO without stop: 8 High Pulls, 8 Overhead Presses, 8 Skull Crushers,  8 Curls then drop coupon for 8 Merkins. Followed up by a quick mosey for a brief upper body recovery, about 100 yards to the end of parking lot for a burpee then back to coupon. Rinse and Repeat 8 Times while also increasing burpee count to match round count.

Quick mosey to return coupons and head over to the wall.

Thang 2 – Crazy Indian
All PAX against the wall in balls to the wall position. First PAX at 1 end of line drops down from BTTW and runs to end of the line then gets back into BTTW position. Next PAX follows and this repeats until we reach the starting PAX.

With the time remaining, we did an Indian Run to the pavilion where we ended with 30 dips OYO and 30 Alpha Count Steps Ups.

Quick mosey back to the flag in time for

15 Dollies
15 Buzzsaws
15 Freddie Mercurys
15 Diamond Merkins (mid count off due to a slow watch – extra credit for Zima!)


Update on Pitstop’s upcoming move. Prayers for our families and the less fortunate during the holiday season. Spreading the word for sad clowns everywhere.  Holiday Party tonight, bring an app/side and BYOB.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

YHC shared a few words on being present for family during TNT and coffee.  As working men, sometimes opportunities come up to allow us to better “provide for our family”.  And this phrase can allude to more than just money.  It can mean having flexibility in our profession to be present for our families.  Be intentional on where your time is spent and what is important in life.

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