Yuletide Workout

AO: The Norseman

When: 12/10/2019

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (6): Miller Time, Groupie, Nacho Libre, Crikey, Callahan, Ha-ha


It’s Yuletide! What is Yuletide? What is a Yule log?

The Yule log is a specially selected log burnt on a hearth as a Christmas tradition in a number of countries in Europe. The Yule log was a whole tree meant to be burned for 12 days in the hearth. Everyone would take turns feeding the length of timber into the fire as it burned. Letting it burn out would bring bad luck.  The custom may ultimately derive from Germanic paganism. After the Christianization of Scandinavia, it may have been incorporated into the Christian celebration of Christmas there, with the pagan significance no longer remaining. Regardless of its origin, for the Christian feast of Christmas, the yule log symbolizes the battle between good and evil: “as the fire grew brighter and burned hotter, and as the log turned into ashes, it symbolized Christ’s final and ultimate triumph over sin.” Wikipedia of course.



A light misty drizzle was falling with unseasonably warm temperature of 60 degrees as we mosied off to find our Yule log. We would not look long.

We stopped for:

  • SSH
  • Log pickers (Weed Pickers)
  • Imperial Walkers

Sufficiently limber we headed over to Truck Norris where 5 stations were set up, 4 stations with fat chucks of a birch tree and one station with two 5 foot long pine trunks.

The Thang:

The drill for this morning was that there were 4 exercises on the five cones at the stations. We would perform the first exercise on the list at our station for 1 minute and then rotate clockwise to the next station where we would do the first exercise at that cone for 1 minute and on around the stations. We we completed one circuit we would move on to exercise #2 on the lists and rotate around again.

Playlist for this morning was “Alt Rock Christmas”:




The stations where:

Station 1

With 40 lb log:

Log overhead Press
Log curls
Log squats
Log squat press

Station 2

With 40 lb log:

Log overhead squat
Log ground to shoulder
Log over shoulder
Log toss

Station 3

With 40 lb log:

Log lunge
Log shoulder to shoulder
Log lunge
Log up downs (hold log and go down to one knee, then two knees then stand back up)

Station 4

With 40 lb log:

Log derkins
Log irkins
Log pass (two PAX back to back pass log around cw and ccw)
Log row

Station 5

With 5 foot long log:

Long log side to side one hand (one end on ground)
Long log side to side two hands (one end on ground)
Long log press
Long log row

We took an intermission about half way through to carry our logs to the other side of the parking lot and back. And before you know it it was 0615.


Lots of traveling for the PAX coming up. T&P for safe travels.


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