The SEC Championship Beatdown (no, not the Dawgs getting beatdown, the PAX)

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 12/07/2019

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (6): Knozit (DR from Lexington, SC), Boomer, Saint 2.0, Hamburglar, Mayhem, Ha-ha


Alright, first off this BB is late and we all have the advantage of looking back on Saturday afternoon and the knowledge of what went down between UGA and LSU. Let’s just say that in the exuberance of Saturday morning the UGA were hopeful of at least a good showing at the SEC Championship. Enough of that.

6 PAX did assemble for the Widowmaker despite a strong showing at the ruck Alpha CSAUP, Guardrails. In typical girlfriend fashion the girls were nowhere to be seen and waiting for the men of Alpha to find them. And find them we would!


We ran out of the east end of the parking lot into the trail and mosied to the top of the steps where we stopped for:

  • SSH
  • Pick up the ball (Weed Pickers)
  • End Zone Celebrations (Hillbillies)

We continued our mosey across the bridge and stopped at the trail intersection for Derkins on the split rail fence IC.

We continued our mosey to the parking lot behind the grass soccer field where we found Truck Norris with the girlfriends waiting.

The Thang:

It was time for a Musical Dora with a playlist that consisted of songs you are likely to hear at a UGA home game. Well, mostly. Perform the exercise listed for each song until the song ends. New song, new exercise. 1 partner exercises and second partner runs the loop up the stairs and back.

It went like this:

Song   Exercise
Krypton Fanfare 00:38 (Pick up Girlfriends)
T.N.T. 03:34 Keep Choppin Wood
Baba O’Riley 05:00 Catch Pass (Squat Press)
All The Way Turnt Up 04:53 Tackle Tiger (Hammer Curls)
Boom 03:10 O Line Drill (Squat w/bag)
Bodies 03:22 End Zone Celebrate (Skull Crusher)
Saturday Night’s Alright 04:55 Block Pass (Overhead Press)
Crank That 03:41 Tackle Tiger (Hammer Curls)
Fireball 03:56 Move the Chains (Lunge w/ bag)
Pregame Fanfare 02:17 End Zone Celebrate (Skull Crusher)
Seven Nation Army 03:51 Pick the Ball Up (Bent Over Row)
Go Georgia Bulldogs 00:36 (Return Girlfriends)
In the Air Tonight 05:36 Merkins for Points

We finished up and mosied back to the flag and finished with:

  • LBCs
  • Heal touches
  • Dieing Cockroach



F3 Alpha Christmas party coming up 12/11

Prayers for peace during this hectic time of year.

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