Coupons Top it Off Perfectly

AO: The Shadow

When: 12/10/2019

QIC: Chaingang

PAX (10): CIA Radar Cardiac Suds Fireballs Leon Snake Oil Green Bean Doppelganger


Why is is 60 degrees and misting?


– side straddle hop 30x IC
– 10x Burpees OYO
– lap around parking lot
– windmill 15x IC
– 15x Monkey humpers

The Thang:

Thang 1
– Cherokee to Vanderlyn Wall (CIA’s Wall)
– 11s
– Box Jumps and Burpees

Thang 2
– Mosey to Vanderlyn Dr
– 20x Toyota
– Sprint to top
– 10x pushups
– rinse and repeat

Thang 3
– Grab a coupon (cinderblock)
– 20x man makers
– run back
– 20x bonnie blairs
– run back
– 20x squat thrusts with block
– run back
– 20x Spiderman pushups


Suds took us out, prayers for our missing bros and blessings to be able to be out here

Thoughts go toward Fireballs son whose friend was a victim in the Pensacola terrorist attack

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