Reindeer Games A’Plenty

AO: The Norseman

When: 12/05/2019

QIC: Callahan

PAX (8): Nacho Libre, Peyton, Pumba, Crikey, Ha-Ha, Beaker, Stu, Callahan


Moseyed out of the lot towards St. Francis and circled up in the middle of the road by the pond.  Usual dosage of SSH, Weed Pickers, Hillbillies…let’s roll.

The Thang:

Moseyed to St. Francis over to Nacho’s stash of coupons.  Each of the PAX picked up a coupon and headed to the track.  YHC had a great idea in mind of incorporating Christmas movie titles into the beatdown, but that didn’t happen.  Therefore Plan B included changing the names of workouts into Christmas names/themes.  Much better idea.  I digress.  We started out with a round of snowball fight training…gotta get those arms ready in case Buddy the Elf shows up across the field.  20 Kettlebell swings followed by 20 Rudolph Makers (Merkins).  One short round of flutter kicks and dying cockroach followed.  Headlamps on as we hit the trails in the woods.  Stops along the way for cross country skiing (Bonnie Blairs) and more Rudolph makers.  At the end of one of the trails, we found ourselves at the bottom of Mt. Nacho.  We worked off Santa’s cookies by doing 30 American Hammers at the bottom of Mt. Nacho, then ran to the top to get in 30 more.  Then we searched for the second half of the trails…aka the upper trail.  This was harder than anticipated.  FYI…put new batteries in your headlamp when it’s your turn to Q.  Longer run on the 2nd half of the trail with multiple pain stations of squats (down the chimneys) and mountain climbers (up the chimneys).  We finished up the trails then we found our way back to the track where our coupons were eagerly waiting our return.  We proceeded to complete two more rounds of snowball fight training with kettlebell swings and Rudolph makers.  We returned our coupons, and YHC checked the time and was pleased to be ahead of schedule!  We headed towards the school when YHC noticed a sign hanging with senior’s names listed and had to pause as one of the names, Margo, was in a prominent Christmas movie.  YHC then shouted, “then why is the stereo wet, Todd!!!  “I don’t know Margo…” then asked the PAX which movie this was from.  Deep silence followed by sadness on the Q’s part as no one said Christmas Vacation, so I penalized us all with 5 quick burpees.  “Where you gonna put a tree that big, Griswold???”….anyone….hello?

Short stint at the school courtyard for two rounds of step ups and dips, then back to North Park.  Quick detour at the pond for one more round of down the chimney squats.  Back to the flag for Mary consisting of LBCs, Dollies and Freddy Mercury.


Sign up for F3 Christmas party if you are planning on going!

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