Time to Kiss Your Sister Again

AO: The Gladiator

When: 12/05/2019

QIC: Viking

PAX (10): Kegger, Stroller, Speedo, Scratchoff, Scrum, Cheneral, Hitchcock, Puddle Jumper, Brownie, Viking


Viking hadn’t Q’d a Tuesday/Thursday beatdown by himself since June. Since June, he had Q’d some Saturdays, shared a few Q’s, gave up some Q’s to VQs, but hadn’t experienced the solo Q on a Tuesday/Thursday. So needless to say, he was pretty pumped up to get the chance to drive the Gladiator. Feeling like a cinder workout was in order, he realized the wheel was already created… so he went to the archives and pulled up the file on his computer titled “9.18.2018 Cinder Workout,” (you can read that backblast here, which was titled “Worse Than Kissing Your Own Sister”) printed out the 30 sheets of paper, and just like that the plan was hatched.

Well, it wasn’t that simple. Viking had to actually make sure cinders would show up to a Cinder workout. Kegger responded via text that he had 10 cinders, but Viking was sure that all of East Roswell would show up, so he showed up at Spandex’s house to steal some cinders from his garage. Let’s just say that the M’s Volkswagen was not built for 10 cinders #ridelow. Little did Viking know that only 10 PAX would grace the Gloom, rendering Spandex’s cinders useless.

Viking pulled into the parking lot at 5:05, seeing no one in sight. This was his first sign that all of East Roswell would NOT be coming. Nonetheless, he frantically set up the stations in the newly, beautiful, smooth-like-butter, soft-like-feathers pavement. Those who pulled in from 5:05-5:14 would find running from parking spot to parking spot, trying to ensure the plan would run smoothly.

But trust me, at the end of this beatdown, YHC was sure that all PAX would have preferred to kiss their sister instead…


The chair was placed in the middle for Portable DJ to sit during the beatdown, and at 0514 the stage was set. Disclaimer was given, PJ peeled in, low mosey began, quick warmup ensued, and the fun began.

The Thang:

It was pretty simple. Each PAX would run across the parking lot to the station across from him, do the exercise, and then run back to the other side of the parking lot to the next station. Zig-Zag between 30 stations, getting as much pain in before the 0600 bell rang. Here was the list of exercises, in the order they SHOULD have been placed:

  1. 25 shoulder presses
  2. 25 squats
  3. 30 flutter kicks
  4. 25 merkins
  5. 35 American hammers
  6. 25 rows
  7. 30 curls
  8. 25 diamond merkins
  9. 35 mountain climbers
  10. 35 bench press
  11. 25 jump squats
  12. 25 Russian kettle bell swings
  13. 35 step ups
  14. 25 dips
  15. 25 durkins
  16. 35 LBCs
  17. 25 squats
  18. 25 shoulder presses
  19. 30 low dollys
  20. 30 merkins
  21. 30 curls
  22. 25 flutter kicks
  23. 25 rows
  24. 25 diamond merkins
  25. 30 flutter kicks
  26. 30 jump squats
  27. 25 LBCs
  28. 25 rows
  29. 25 Russian kettle bell swings
  30. 25 shoulder presses

Half way through, the groups met in the middle . YHC called an audible, telling all the PAX to bring their cinders to the middle. YHC first called out 5 manmakers/blockees, after which it was time for a breather and some truth nuggets. YHC shared some thoughts from his recent trips to Dachau, Germany, where he , his wife, and two friends toured the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site. It’s important we share the stories of the millions who lost their life and/or who suffered during the Holocaust during WWII. It was sobering to see the evil ideology that was created to literally kill millions of humans (Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, African Americans, Political Oponents, disabled, old, and many others). During our tour we walked through the gas chambers and incinerators, we saw pictures that will stay with you for life, and we heard stories that should never be forgotten. YHC reminded the PAX that as difficult as a cinder beatdown may be, it is nothing compared to the pain and suffering that millions went through during WWII. YHC also reminded the PAX how countless amounts of people are still persecuted, victimized, and hated across the world. These thoughts should challenge us to realize the importance of love, care, respect, humility, and genuine concern for all humans.

After the truth nuggets, YHC called out 5 more blockees/manmakers. Then back to the stations where the PAX left off, and the fun continued until 0600.


Cheneral’s wife has surgery next week.

Pray for Scratchoff  and his wife, that wisdom help them make a job decision.

Viking finished out by contrasting his earlier thoughts (the evil ideology of Hitler) with the actions and teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus would serve and hangout with all types of people that were not like him, were sick and diseased, those who were of different ethnicity, those who were publicly shamed, and those who weren’t necessarily popular. Christ’s love for all people is the ultimate model for us to pursue as we seek to make a difference/impact in this world.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

It was great to be back at the Helm! Until next time!

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