Like a Virgin

AO: Atlas

When: 12/03/2019

QIC: Grease Monkey

PAX (4): Aflac, Foley, Switch, Grease


My first Atlas Q. And it was cold. Shocking.


Quick mosey around the back of the building for some SSHs, Weed Pickers, Imperial Walkers and Arm Circles.

The Thang:

We grabbed a couple atlas stones and cinderblocks and headed to the football field. OK, YHC forget to get sufficient quantity of stones so Switch had to go grab another.

This beatdown was intended for teams of three so we made a little modification.

Basically three PAX rotate through this circuit relieving the PAX at the next station.

PAX A remains at the goal line and performs atlas stone cleans (jerks?); whatever its called when you just pick them up to your shoulder. He does this until relieved by another PAX.

PAX B – bear crawls to the 30 yard line to relieve PAX C who is working through this list of exercises with a cinderblock. When he is relieved he crab walks back to goal line to relieve PAX A and begin working with the stone. Hard to explain. Harder to finish.

150 Kettle bell swings

200 derkins

150 curls

150 big boys

120 thrusters

120 romanian leg lifts

150 skull crushers

150 squats


Holiday party next week. Sign up on Slack.

GMonkey out.

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