ALL Parts Included

AO: The Grindstone

When: 12/02/2019

QIC: Sculley

PAX (7): Cookie, Inseam, Whiz, Kick 6, Spit Valve, Milli Vanilli


Thanksgiving gluttony came to a quick end this morning.  The wind was howling, and the shovel flag looked like it wanted to take flight.  6 pax (soon to be 7) emerged into the gloom and anxiously waited… 5:30.


Everything seemed normal at first.  A slow mosey around the Grindstone track led to warm-o-rama.

  • 10 SSH
  • 10 Weed pickers
  • 10 Frozen sprinklers


The Thang:

To the relief of the Pax, Burpee Apocalypse was left off the post Thanksgiving playlist.  YHC called a round of Circle Burps, noting that there weren’t any more burpees on the agenda (at least at that moment).  Putting the burpees behind us, we started a mosey over to the sports field.   About the time we were rounding the dumpsters, Inseam appeared (out of the mist?), and we celebrated his arrival with another 5 burpees.

Part I – Shoulders, Arms and Core

FLAT TIRES  – brand new material at the STONE.  The pax partnered up and Partner 1 proceeded to GRIND out 1 Derkin to every 4 Wheelbarrow “steps” until reaching 40 Steps and 10 Derkins.

Part II – Legs

JUMP SQUAT HOLDS – also brand new material at the STONE.  Starting at 10 Jump Squats followed by a 10 second count Al Gore and descending 1 rep / 1 second each round.

Part III – Abs

CAPTAIN THOR – We moseyed over to the MARVEL pad by the tennis courts for these beauties.

Part IV – Any parts that were left out

BOMBS (@!#$#!$ more burpees) around the tennis courts.

  • 5 Burpees
  • 10 Outlaws (a farewell to)
  • 15 Merkins
  • 20 Bonnie Blairs
  • 25 Squats



Reminder to keep an eye on Slack comms for more information on this coming Saturday’s CSAUP Ruck / Progressive Beatdown.

Praise was given for returning everyone safely from Thanksgiving travels.

YHC gave thanks for F3 Alpha brothers who are supporting the Chimbote mission trip with prayers and financial support.

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