VQ for Hushpuppy – Crazy Eights Touchdown Bill Murray

AO: The Grindstone

When: 11/06/2019

QIC: Hushpuppy

PAX (5): Sculley, Bell, Spitvalve, Snake


VQ for Hushpuppy.


The morning started with a 400+ M zig-zag doubleback mosey (thanks to Bell’s failure de pantelones) followed by a round of Good Mornings, Weed Pickers, SSH and Mountain Man Poopers.

Then 2 sets of linebacker drills (10 vertical lines, each way, each set).  Then mosey over to the far side of the football field.

The Thang:

We hit the football field for the Crazy Eights Touchdown Bill Murray.

OYO, timed exercise with a goal of 8 reps (but do as many as you can):

Rep consisted of:

  1. Run 100 yards
  2. 8 merkins
  3. 8 squats
  4. 8 BBSU
  5. 8 burpees
  6. 8 touchdowns

Most HIM made all 8 reps while some made 9.

We caroica’d back 100 yards switching positions at the 50 yard line.

10 count to recover and then Mary consisting of:

  1. Flutter kicks
  2. Freddie Mercury
  3. Dolly
  4. Crab Cakes (that were slightly out of cadence due to this being the VQ)


Prayers for spouses, sad clowns, various nagging injuries for PAX, for the Michel family as they struggle through Kerry’s cancer treatment.  Praise that the Wiltsey family (Tess, 3 yrs old) seem to be out of the woods after a freak accident.

[Adoration]:  We acknowledged that God is The Almighty, Alpha and Omega, creator of all

[Confession]:  We confessed that we are sinners and stray from God’s word

[Thanksgiving]:  We are thankful that through Jesus we are saved from our sins and have the opportunity to have a right relationship with God

[Supplication]:  We prayed for those who are lost, those in need, those who are hurting or sick, those who are hungry and those who are “without” so many things.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

5 PAX exercised this morning and we were all better HIMs afterward when the sun rose. We took on the “Crazy Eights Touchdown Bill Murray” and loved every minute of pain.

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