Celebration Ruck

AO: The Grindstone

When: 11/27/2019

QIC: Inseam

PAX (5): Snake, Cookie, Hushpuppy, Sculley, Inseam


Celebrating what? How about a record month at the Grindstone!


Clip speaker to ruck. Hit play. Sack up.

The Thang:

Ruck down the street, around the thing, and back to the spot.


Pray for those spending Thanksgiving alone.
Pray that F3 continues to spread, and that sad clowns in need are able to be reached.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

The numbers you ask?

Highest month in Grindstone history, by Pax count…three way tie between 5/19, 10/19, and 11/19 each with 46 total Pax posting.

So why are we celebrating? Well May doesn’t count because we had a huge Memorial Day special BD skewing the numbers. Also, October had one extra day of BD. So if we cut ignore May and then look at the average daily Pax total for October and November we can clearly see November is the best month in Grindstone history! Aye!

Avg Daily Pax:

October – 5.11 PPD

November – 5.75 PPD

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