Music’Vember Deck o’ Death

AO: AlphaRuck

When: 11/19/2019

QIC: Wideright

PAX (9): Sparky, Blue, Baby Face, So so Def, Venus, Percy, Fondue guy and Deuce


Mosey to warmup in lower field

IC (15x STH’s, 15x Abe bogodas, 15x arm circles and 15x Hillbillies)



The Thang:

grab a lifting coupon and head up the stairs to parking lot

Deck o Death: with coupons



Hearts=kettle swings

Diamonds=skull crushers

in between cards, run across parking lot and back, wait for 6 and first one back draws cards

mosey to flag for mary (freddy mercurys and dying cockroaches)


prayers for tweaker traveling, WR’s uncle Scotty in/out of hospital-doing better and for secret’s job interviews 🙂

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