Blast This Fart Sackers!

AO: The Shadow

When: 11/19/2019

QIC: Fireballs

PAX (10): Doppelganger, Scout, CIA, Hatchet, Greenbean, Snake Oil, Radar, Quack, Billboard


Another fine, cool Tuesday morning brought out the best 10 dudes to DHS for a little beat down. Good times as always!


Mosey warm up lap followed by:
Windmills IC X 10
Imperial Walkers IC X 10
Merkins IC X 10
Rinse & Repeat

Line up on curb for Toy Soldiers, Butt Kickers and High Knees – across parking lot

The Thang:

Cherokee Run to St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church up Vermack Road hill!

LBCs IC x 15
Flutter Kicks IC X 15
High Dolly IC x 15
Heels to Heaven IC X 15
Heel Tappers IC X 15
Dying Cockroach IC X 15
Mountain Climbers IC X 15
Toe Tappers IC X 15

Line up on curb for Walking Lunges to line – Bear Crawl back
Repeat but Broad Jumps to line – Bear Crawl back
Repeat but Crab Walk to line – Bear Crawl back

Mosey to playground behind church for combinations of Swinging Merkins, Squats, Dips – 2 rounds.

Cherokee Run back to DHS via Vernon Oaks Drive and Womack

Stop at picnic tables for 11’s – Step Ups and Inclined Merkins

Mosey run to bottom of parking lot – Sprint half way up and do 10 Merkins, Sprint to top of parking lot, turn around and Sprint to half way point for 10 Merkins, Sprint back to start.


Bean took us out in fine fashion and was kind enough to offer a prayer for my work situation and I’ll be darned if I did not have an outrageously productive day in the office. The power of prayer!

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