Saved by the Bell

AO: The Grindstone

When: 11/18/2019

QIC: Cookie @blunsford4

PAX (6): Sculley, Kick Six, False Start, Milli Vanilli, Spit Valve


YHC observed on Slack that Bell had to backout of his Q commitment due to illness, so a quick message was sent that we had him covered.  No big deal… yet.  It was during the disclaimer that Sculley mentioned that he thought he noticed on the Q Sheet that this would have been a special Q for Bell, and it led us all to believe he was turning 40 today… but he was not.  However, we would not learn of this revelation until later in the day.  For now, it was YHC’s mission to honor his 40th birthday (that was not meant to be).


Head to the side parking lot, in the darkest corner we could find for:

  • 40 SSH
  • 40 Imperial Walker
  • 40 Plank Jacks

Next up was a warmup Indian Run, reverse style.  The man in the back would turn around and run the parking lot circle as fast as he could while the man in the front was calling arm and leg exercises as we made our way in the opposite direction.

Finally, we hit the pavilion for the last warmup, 40 dips and 40 step ups

The Thang:

11’s on the infamous grass hill –  1 American Hammer at top (Alpha count), 10 Carolina Drydock at bottom,
-Mary for the six, and then off we went for Catch Me if you Can heading back to the concession stand

Balls to the Wall for 40 seconds (2 rounds), option for extra credit staying up for 1 minute

BLIMPS – on the football field, bear crawl or crab walk in between
10 burpees at 10 yd line
20 lunges at 20 yd line & so on
30 imperial
40 merkins
50 plank jacks
60 squats

-back to the flag for 3 MOM – rotating fashion


Always an honor to lead, especially when thinking it was a 40th birthday stand-in!  Prayers were spoken for a family friend of mine who lost her husband in a car wreck this week.  He leaves behind 4 small children, so please pray for that family.  Praise for the NLB Welcome Kit fundraiser that Groupie led this week.  Early numbers indicated 28 PAX donated which amounted to half of a UHAUL truck as well as another $1000 cash donation for 20 NLB men who are not able to make it home for Christmas.  It’s awesome to see the impact F3 has on this community.  Announcements included a 2nd F this Thursday at Loyal Q.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

We came to find out later in the day that it was Bell’s 1 year anniversary Q that he had planned, not his 40th birthday.  For that, we will need to wait until January.  YHC will be following suit 1 month later.

Happy 1 year anniversary, Bell!  Congrats.

-Cookie Out

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