Best of Rocky

AO: The Galaxy

When: 11/14/2019

QIC: BabyFace

PAX (7): Tweaker, Wide Right, Yahtzee, Venus, Sparky, Percy, BabyFace


All PAX gathered at 5:30 for a figure 8 mosey around the park.  The day began with the first of many songs from the Rocky movie franchise.


Mosey was a little faster than anticipated, so started with weedpickers, followed by SSHs and Hill Billies.


The Thang:

Part I

Three rounds of 20 reps each.

Derkins, LBCs, Step Ups

Short Lap

Three rounds of 20 reps each.

Dips, J Los, Split Squats

Short Lap

Three rounds of 20 reps each.

Diamond Merkins, Leg Ups, Monkey Humpers

Part II

Pax headed to the hill for Jacob’s ladder.  Run to the top and perform 1 burpee, back down for 2, continue cadence until 7.

Part III

Finished our time with coupon work and some additional running.

Playlist in no particular order:

Gonna Fly Now – Rocky Orchestra

Living in America – James Brown

Burning Heart – Survivor

Training Montage (Rocky IV) – Vince DiCola

Hearts on Fire – John Cafferty

Going the Distance – Bill Conti

The Final Bell – Bill Conti

Real American – Rick Derringer (not technically Rocky, but Hulk Hogan was in Rocky III, so it counts)

Eye of the Tiger – Survivor


Prayers for those traveling and those that have lost loved ones.

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