PJ bounced and left all the puddles for Kegger

AO: The Gladiator

When: 11/12/2019

QIC: Kegger

PAX (10): Speedo (Respect) Brownie Mufasa (Respect) Scratch Off Spandex (Respect) Wika Wika DC2 Tebow Viking


I’m not a weatherman, but know that you’re getting a lot of inches this morning…

100% chance of rain in the forecast so YHC felt the call to serve to support Puddle Jumper when he got tied up with work.

I arrived to the park a little bit early to move some benches near the spray grounds gazebo we’ve never used but it was too dark and water was coming in from all sides. I then drove over to the largest pavilion and moved those benches to prepare the area for the PAX.

It was just Mufasa and I for a while and I thought the rain scared away all the Gladiators but as the cars poured in like the sky we had a brief disclaimer and were off.  Short mosey around parking lot to the overhang.


SSHs x 15

High Knees x 15

Weed Pickers x 15


Mosey to our largest pavilion in the middle of the park

The Thang


20 Merkins then bear crawl to other side of the pavilion for 1 LBC then crawl bear back

19 Merkins then bear crawl to other side of the pavilion for 2 LBC then crawl bear back continue until

1 Merkin and 20 LBC

I have to mention Viking’s bootlegged 90s alternative playlist got some good laughs when it clearly played a Russian karaoke version of Rockstar by Smash Mouth.

This Thang took a lot more time than QIC anticipated so at around 75% completion I called it much to Brownie’s dismay but I had some others things in store.


Thang 2

We grabbed a buddy for Partner Paper/Rock/Scissors Burpees

10 rounds

Face your partner in a plank position play PRS and winner gets to plank while loser does # of Burpees for that round

I felt so bad for Scratch Off only winning I think round 3 (LOL) I split his Burpees by round 8, 9, and 10 because he was spent.  I was definitely in his head when I noticed he goes rock first A TON.


Thang 3

I had plans for a larger circuit but due to time I dropped the reps

5-10-5 (5 of each exercise, 10 of each exercise, 5 of each exercise)

Jump Squats

Step Ups



Mosey back to the overhang where Spandex happily pulled the mobile coffeeteria underneath 🙂



Dying Cockroach (Brownie)

Flutter Kicks (Viking)

American Hammer (Tebow/DC2 stolen)



Prayers for Ashley, Spandex Sister, Viking’s SIL, DC2 and all other unspoken requests


Thanks for letting me lead guys!  Had a blast as always and appreciate everyone in our group.





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