Fartsacker Saturday

6 brave men took the red pill and dared to participate in a GreenBean QIC day. Suds mentioned that possibly it was just the weather. Either way- we had beautiful weather and good post workout fellowship.

The PAX: Suds, Scout, CIA (Ninja style), GreenBean, Quack, Novocaine


SSH IC x 15

Cotton Pickers IC x 15

Hillbilly’s IC x 15

MCs IC x 15

Low Slow Squats IC x 15

Derkins from Austin steps IC x 15

Rinse & Repeat ending with derkins from handicap rail.

The Thang:

Follow me: Mosey to Nature Center entrance for: 10 Burpees OYO

Mosey over to new Austin lot for Sprints: 5 sets with sets of 10: merkins, hillbillies, MCs and curb derkins in between, starting from prone position. Solid work by Novocaine and Quack on the last set!

Mosey to bottom of Nature Center hill for Mary:

Freddy Mercuries IC x 20

Low Dolly IC x 20

Heels to Heaven IC x 20

High Dolly IC x 20

Mason Twist IC x 20

Follow me through nature center over to bottom of new Austin entrance hill. *Watchout for the manhole!

Next: Run up to each streetlamp with 5 burpees, 4, 3, 2, 1, ending at last lamp post near Mt. Vernon.

planks: various.

Plenty of time left- mosey over to Holly Bank Circle for a stop at 2nd house: 10 burpees OYO. Mosey around to back of old Austin entrance to pickic tables- 20 dips IC, 15 step-ups IC, 10 derkins OYO, 15 dips IC, 15 stepups OYO, 15 derkins IC.

Mosey over to Austin wall for wall sits- then follow me bear crawl around circle to blue fire hydrants. back to wall sits for 60 count. over to grass for planks – military crawl under plaking pax line, then back the other way. more wall sits: 60 count, then crab walk around same sidewalk perimeter. wall sits, then over to austin entrance area for mary: LBC’s IC x 50, American Hammer’s IC x 20.


Naked Moleskin: Great effort by all. Novocaine took us out elegantly. Prayers for Scout’s friends- he is going to 2 funerals this weekend, 1 in Chicago. Good coffeeteria discussion about military service.

Hope to see you fartsackers soon.


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